Snoopers watch out! Egmont Verlag brings out the new comic series “Lustiges Taschenbuch Crime”.

A new funny paperback series with 13 adventures in the underworld

The Funny Paperback is known to people as a comic series with stories from Duckburg and has been published in Germany since 1967. An offshoot now appears in which exciting stories of agents, crimes and villain hunts are told.

The readers are guaranteed goosebumps moments:

“Every two months, readers can go on a villain hunt with Commissioner de Mauss, Auguste Duckpin and Ducksch's secret service. It is not long tapped in the dark and the agents “blow up” a secret arsenal. After the bombastic find, it is now time to identify the head of the smugglers' gang in sunny Texas. In Duckburg, too, it's like in the brilliant agent thriller: A journalist threatens Scrooge McDuck so that he has no choice but to alert Duck's secret service. With the help of Daniel Düsentrieb, agents Donald and Dussel want to go up high to catch the blackmailer. The poultry act no less professionally than 007 in a James Bond crime thriller. "

Excerpt from the press release of Egmont Ehapa Media GmbH

There will be six editions containing a total of 13 stories. The titles will be:


  • First and second part


  • First and second part


  • Flat feet on the run
  • The unbelievable tank crackers: Nocturnal unrest
  • The robbery of the crown jewels
  • Agents aim high
  • Taler hunting with consequences
  • One way: Exactly on time
  • On the patrol with Dussel
  • Commissioner de Mauss: A prominent case
  • Duck's Secret Service: Deceptively real

The successful investigations of Donald Duck and Co. des Funny paperback Crime appear in local stores from February 15th or may bought online* will.

More information is available at and www.glü to find.

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