The board game Lunar Maris from the Brazilian publisher Meeple BR is currently being crowdfunded by the Spieleschmiede. The German-language version of the title is to appear under the Giant Roc brand. It is currently uncertain whether this will work. Luna Maris doesn't really want to take off. 

It's about the boom in space travel, life in space, the colonization of the moon - the basic themes are right in the board game Luna Maris from the Brazilian publisher MeepleBR. So far, however, the title has not had a real rocket launch in the German community. Giant Roc intends to use the Spieleschmiede to create a localized version of Auto Ricardo Amaral's work.

Luna Maris: buddy in space

Luna Maris focuses on future topics: Helium-3, titanium mining, earth escape. The board game for 1 to 4 players, whose games last between 60 and 120 minutes, should be challenging and strategic. Players have to ensure the survival of the colony over five rounds and, in phases, take care of resources, productions or research, among other things. The obviously multi-layered strategy board game does not go down completely with the otherwise generous supporters in the Spieleschmiede.

The crowdfunding campaign for Luna Maris, with which Giant Roc wants to raise 12.000 euros, has been running there since the beginning of November. When this goal is achieved, the board game will appear in a version in German. A little more than half is done and there are still a little more than two weeks left, but it seems as if the project has come to a standstill. It won't be because of the price of 45 euros, which is moderate. The expectations are apparently more likely: players do not seem to promise a lot from the title - and the idiosyncratic look probably makes it difficult for undecided supporters to make their way through to a blacksmith contribution. Luna Maris presents herself tidy and sober, it may support the strategic game process, but it doesn't look particularly attractive.

Should the crowdfunding work out in the end, Giant Roc wants to have the project completed in the summer of next year. Delivery is scheduled for July 2022.


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