The easily accessible Kennerspiel with the beautiful artwork is nominated for Kennerspiel des Jahres. Fans of the game can rejoice a few days before the winner is announced. French publisher Ludonaute announces the first expansion for the game.

That successful and award-winning games get extensions is not surprising. Living Forest received the As d'Or in the category of "expert games" at the beginning of the year. In Germany it has also been nominated for Kennerspiel des Jahres. Also nominated there Dune imperium Incidentally, also the game that was awarded the As d'Or as the best expert game. The French publisher Ludonaute, who originally published Living Forest, has now announced the first expansion for the game.

The Living Forest is thriving

Not much is really known about the new expansion. Neither the title nor a cover or an exact release date were announced by Ludonaute.

Three cards are shown in the announcement. Kodamas (spirits of Japanese mythology) are depicted on these. These should be able to be bought with the holy flowers and offer the well-known symbols. Where the white or black symbols are shown on the base game cards, the Kodama cards show a (written) sign. There is no further information about new game mechanics.

In France, the expansion is scheduled for release in early 2023. In other regions “a few months later”. If you want to find out more about the basic game first, you can do so with our review zu Living Forest do.

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