Lost Ark has been going strong since launch. The MMO ARPG by Amazon Games and Smilegate RPG is among the most played titles on Steam. But one thing is clear: at some point the air will be gone. But it is also clear: Lost Ark will receive new classes – and thus new motivation. But which classes will come in the future? A look at Korea gives the answer.

The mix of action role-playing game and MMO including dungeons and raids is coming well received by the fans. So good that the servers are still packed - on the unofficial German server "Asta" the queue is currently around 10.000.

Lost Ark: Eight new classes are coming

So there is still enough motivation for players to log in: Lost Ark is new, the content has not been fully explored and even all classes have not yet been mastered by fans. However, because that will change at some point, new content is needed, but above all new classes - they will come with Lost Ark, that's for sure. A look at Korea shows that the makers have planned at least eight sub-classes.

The five main classes - there are assassins, warriors, magicians, martial arts and gunners - are currently divided into 15 special classes. They are weighted differently, play differently and sometimes even fulfill unique roles in raids. The currently available class can be roughly assigned to an efficiency ranking - although there is not necessarily "the best" class, but still best classes at Lost Ark related to personal game taste and effectiveness in certain game situations. With regard to the combat system, the sub-classes sometimes differ significantly - that is one of the great strengths of Lost Ark.

Fans can currently play: Berserker, Pistol Lancer and Paladin among the warriors; Scrapper, Soul Fist, Striker and War Dancer and Martial Monk in the Martial Artists; sniper, gunner and artilleryman with the gunners; Bard and Sorceress among the Mages and Shadowhunter and Deathblade among the Assassins. So there is not only a lot of choice, but also different areas of application, such as tanks or long-range and close-range damage dealers. One drawback: the classes are subject to a "gender lock", i.e. they are tied to gender - you have to like that or at least come to terms with it. This will not change with the new classes in Lost Ark either.

Lost Ark will be expanded by eight new classes. Currently these are:


The Lance Master is a special class of female martial arts fighters. She has two weapons to choose from: a halberd and a spear. The aim here is to combine the two types of weapons in order to carry out a series of quick attacks. It is unclear when exactly this new class will be released – fans assume 2022.


The Destroyer - as the name suggests - belongs to the basic warrior class. The typical frontline fighter with the big two-handed weapon, the Destroyer uses a hammer to crush and stun its opponents. His playing style: slow but powerful. The damage dealt is high, the Destroyer is also one of those classes with a good defense. The Destroyer doesn't have a release date yet, maybe Smilegate RPG and Amazon Games aren't in too much of a hurry, because the choice of warriors is currently larger than in other class areas.


The Scouter is one of the male pistol shooters. He relies on a variety of gadgets used in battle, including drones and mines. The weapon areas are reflected in its appearance. The Scouter goes for a pretty futuristic look. Especially cool: He can call in a warship to unleash a bombardment or fly around in a mech suit and fire off laser salvos. It is not yet clear when the scouter will be added. There are fans who predict an early release, others are much more skeptical and expect a longer wait.


The summoner is one of the magic classes, but is designed differently than the name suggests. Instead of summoning creatures, the Summoner relies on elemental summons. He resembles the sorceress. The Summoner is slow but can knock back enemies. The damage is high but constant. The summoner does not reach the mage's burst. The Summoner is scheduled for release in 2022, that's confirmed.


The Arcana plays with magic cards. Your playstyle is quite innovative for an action role-playing game. The entire magical arsenal is based around drawing cards to trigger the magic effects. The Arcana could come soon, after all, it was part of the original version of Lost Ark to the starting lineup.


It lives up to its name: it is fast, can turn invisible and scurry across the battlefield quickly. Attack and dodge - that's how the fights work. The release of the Reaper is not yet known either – so it could take a while.


The painter uses a magic brush: this class is also extremely creative. Smilegate RPG and Tripod Studio show how innovative classes can be when you dare to break with convention. The Painter was recently released in Korea, so it may be some time before this new class of Lost Ark is released in the western market.


The Aeromancer uses an umbrella to summon weather effects. There is not much more than information about this new class in Lost Ark - not even with regard to the publication.


There may also be a berserker, i.e. a female offshoot of the berserker subclass. It is unclear whether this also involves new skills or whether it is just a kind of softening of the gender lock.

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