The Lost Ark servers are currently offline, but planned. Smilegate RPG and Amazon Games have been carrying out maintenance work on the servers of the new MMORPG since 9 a.m. The first point of contact for information is the game's official forum: the publisher announced the downtime there. It should take around three hours. 

The Lost Ark servers went offline at 9 a.m. today, Tuesday – for around three hours. At least that's what the fans hope, because the information can change at short notice. Smilegate RPG and Amazon Games already gave a foretaste of this when the game was launched. Only about ten minutes before the officially planned start here it is: Sorry, will have to postpone.

Lost Ark: Server stability in focus

Hopes for a not too long waiting time in the event of a server down Lost Ark due to maintenance work, however, are justified - previously the makers had always managed to bring the game worlds back online well before the specified time. That could also be the case today. According to Amazon Games, players should be able to gamble again from 12 noon.

Access and logins are not possible during ongoing maintenance work, so fans still have to be patient. Why all this?

The developers want to install a new update. This is not particularly extensive, but it does focus on one of the biggest points of criticism from players at the moment: the servers themselves. It is primarily about improving stability on the EU central servers - and there is also a small fix for the warrior Class.

Not only stable servers are important to fans at the moment, but server capacities in general. The worlds are jam-packed, sometimes completely overcrowded. The unofficial German Lost Ark server Asta is also groaning under the gigantic crowds, which critics mostly say well rated MMO causes. In any case, Amazon Games and Smilegate RPG are keeping an eye on their servers: Just yesterday the makers announced a complete one for European players new server region wanting to set up, then especially for new players, because the idea has a catch: the region would be completely independent of the existing one.

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