The MMO Lost Ark has been celebrating records since its launch - the rush on the servers is correspondingly large. If you can even make it to the queues during peak hours, you're in luck - it's not uncommon for access requests not to be processed at all. Now the makers are adjusting: with a completely new server region.

A Top placement in the steam charts draws attention to Lost Ark in terms of its player numbers. The action-packed MMO from Amazon Games and Smilegate RPG has long since replaced the traditional top dogs. Only PUBG: Battlegrounds doesn't seem to be beatable. But wait.

Lost Ark: New server region without crossplay

Even if the queues are comparatively short at the moment, Amazon Games and Smilegate are keeping an eye on the resources. At peak times, the rush to the Lost Ark servers will increase significantly again – then it will probably be: wait, wait, wait again. Fans had to put up many hours of patience over the weekend – some even started Lost Ark in vain. They didn't even get to the queues.

The servers at Lost Ark reach their capacity limits, especially at peak times. Now the makers have made an official statement: A completely new server region for Europe will be made available “as soon as possible”. We work on it around the clock.

The idea is both a curse and a blessing. Blessing because new players get one more point of contact. Curse, because the server region will run independently of the previous ones. Communication with the central Europe region is not possible, and crossplay would not exist either. For players, this means, among other things, that currencies and resources would not be transferred if you created a character on a server in the new region.

One thing is clear: the idea is primarily aimed at newcomers who have not yet first steps at Lost Ark could do.

And Smilegate and Amazon Games had announced something else: Due to the server overload, they want to give players a small compensation. These are various non-tradable items:

  • Vehicle Selection Chest (choice of either mount)
    • terpeion
    • Terpeion of the Shadow
  • Midsummer Night's Dream Instrument Skin Selection Chest
  • Healing Battle Item Chest x10
  • Offensive Battle Item Chest x10
  • Legendary Rapport Selection Chest x3
  • Weekly Trade Potions Pack x3
  • Phoenix Feather x20

That should at least calm some fans down a bit. Experienced gamers already know that gambling on release day or launch week is often difficult with popular games. They are patient or simply postpone their start. Even Smilegate RPG had not expected the enormous success of Lost Ark with this intensity.

However, not every fan is relaxed. Some players openly criticize Lost Ark and the overloaded servers. This is visible, among other things, on the Metacritic rating platform. The user score there is now 4,2 – 63 out of 111 ratings are negative. The main reason: frustration with the queues. On Steam, too, the ratings are slowly moving more into the negative area - but not due to low game quality – Here, too, it is primarily the server problems. Of the approximately 47.000 reviews, 14.500 are negative. Some players take it there with humor: "Now I finally have time to clean my apartment, cook food, do laundry, visit my grandparents, take my dog ​​out, do something with my girlfriend while I wait . For which she is very grateful.”

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