Lost Ark has officially started - and the servers are now working. By the way, they are jam-packed – Smilegate RPG and Amazon Games have therefore succeeded in launching them in terms of player numbers and interest in the action role-playing game. Even more: Lost Ark breaks first records. 

More than half a million players were already playing the game at the same time as the headstart on February 8th, Smilegate had expected significantly less. The rush for the ARPG-MMO mix is ​​gigantic, hardly surprising: after all, the game fills a niche that Diablo 4 could have filled.

Lost Ark even outshines World of Warcraft

The servers are online, it's starting - fans had to wait longer than hoped for this message on the start day. It went smoothly Launch of Lost Ark not. Amazon Games had closed overcrowded servers for new players and none of the virtual game worlds were ready at the planned start at 18 p.m. The launch was delayed by more than six hours, which – if you take the time exactly – even took place one day later: around 1 a.m. on the night of February 12th.

Anyway, why dwell on details when you can finally start playing? But it's not that easy this morning. New game, hype, rush - and a weekend too. The queues are long. On the unofficial German server "Asta" you had to be patient in the morning to be able to gamble. The queue is almost 2.000 places long, after all the number ticks down comparatively quickly. The start is therefore foreseeable despite the annoying waiting. The developers and Amazon Games want to keep an eye on the server resources and, if necessary, adjust them with other worlds.

In any case, the interest in Lost Ark is gigantic at launch. More than 1,2 million viewers followed the stream of the new MMORPG on Twitch at the same time. More than New World (almost a million) and even more than World of Warcraft (1,1 million two years ago). Lost Ark is therefore not only hype, but also meets with great interest. the Steam charts reflect that, where Lost Ark occupies fourth place behind PUBG: Battlegrounds, CS:GO and Dota 980.000 with just over 2 simultaneous players. The game is thus positioned ahead of other AAA titles such as New World, Fallout 4 or Cyberpunk 2077.

Sure, the free-2-play model plays into the hands of the developers for the launch successes, but at the same time it is also an established system that has long since ceased to be a cheap production. Lost Ark proves impressively in the testhow good a free to play game can be these days. And: The game has just arrived on the western market, so there is plenty of time to unfold its potential. For Amazon Games and Smilegate RPG, long-term success could also pay off financially: you can leave a lot of real money with Lost Ark, but you don't have to. Nevertheless, if you want to play the title seriously and for a long time, you will sooner or later invest money. The new packages (three of which went on sale before the game was launched) are already bestsellers. However, the fans are not completely satisfied with the packs, especially the communication from the makers is not good at all. When buying, you should therefore exercise caution and find out about the content and actual added value.

Preview Product Rating Price
Lost Ark: Apprentice Starter Pack Lost Ark: Apprentice Starter Pack* Currently no reviews 19,99 EUR

Preview Product Rating Price
Lost Ark: Explorer Starter Pack Lost Ark: Explorer Starter Pack* 34,99 EUR

Preview Product Rating Price
Lost Ark: Annihilator Starter Pack Lost Ark: Annihilator Starter Pack* Currently no reviews 64,99 EUR


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