The Battle for the Throne of Chaos April Update in Lost Ark is here. With the update, Amazon Games and Smilegate RPG introduce the Lancer, a new advanced martial artist class. A new continent called South Vern is also available for players to explore. There are also new progression events, new skins and much more.

It had long been clear that Amazon Games and the developers of Smilegate RPG would successively publish new content for Lost Artk - after all, the game has been around in Asia for many months. Also new classes will be rolled out step by step, the developers are starting with the April update, which includes a new advanced martial artist class.

New area: South Vern

The April update for Lost Ark is comprehensive. An all-new melee class, the Lancer wields a spear and glaive to take down foes in martial arts fashion. Stance changes are part of the portfolio - both weapons want to be mastered in order to cause maximum damage. The makers have also increased the maximum available character slots to 18,

The South Vern area is also new. It's about a new continent - of course, this goes hand in hand with a continuation of the story of Lost Ark. A new event has also found its way into the game.

With the new power pass, fans can shoot their characters at item level 960 and also complete Feiton directly, provided that you have already done so with a character. The only change: the new pass expires on June 30th.

There is also a Battle Pass now. It was previously leaked and is actually here now: there is a free version as well as one for 1.500 or 3.000 crystals. The first Battle Pass season is now running until July 14th.

Also part of the big April update for Lost Ark are bug fixes and improvements - standards for an update, if you want to look at it that way. A trailer introduces all the new content:


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