The update released today opens the gates of Moria on the legendary Lord of the Rings Online servers. So you can look forward to level 60, as well as twelve areas and thirteen dungeons as well as skirmishes.

After the Down-Times this afternoon, the Lord of the Rings Online players who play on the Legendary Servers can finally head to the heart of Middle-earth.

With this, the dwarf kingdom of Khazad-dûm opens its gates and lets you penetrate into the depths of the Misty Mountains in order to tear control of the sometimes magnificent halls, tunnels and shafts from the greedy and horrific clutches of Mazog. While you are wrestling with the armies of the son of Bolg, you can reach level 60 as a VIP member with your character, explore twelve dark areas in the depths of the former dwarf empire and plunge into thirteen different dungeons.

The official trailer


Also playable: skirmishes

Skirmishes allow you to dive right into the adventure with friends or customizable AI soldiers with scalable instance battles. When you start a skirmish, you will be placed in a scenario in a specific location with specific goals, such as defending the Prancing Pony in Bree or battling the shadows of the dead in the Barrow Heights. Skirmishes even include random boss fights that add variety to each new fight!

Tutorial: Defense of the Prancing Pony

You can determine the level of difficulty and the scope of your skirmish individually and play it as often, whenever and wherever you want. 

These are the Items / items

- A new bundle of items is available to players on legendary and non-legendary servers in the LOTRO store, known as the Reclaim Moria Pack. This one-time offer (1 / account) includes:
- Moria Guardian Horse accounts-wide goat
- A single, account-tied package for one character with all of the individual content tied to an account that includes:
- Guardian-in-training goat
- Gandalf / Emote
- Moria welcome mat for the house
- Hollin Gate wall stitch for the house
- Hollin Gate continuous fireworks
- 50x yellow dwarf candle
- 50x red dwarf candle consumables
- 50x green dwarf candle
- 50x blue dwarf candles
- 50x orange dwarf candle consumables
- 50x white dwarf candle consumables
- 50x Purple Dwarf Candle Consumables
This item is available to players in both legendary and non-legendary worlds.

The features im overview:

  • Increased the maximum level from 50 to 60
  • Moria region with twelve dark areas and thirteen dungeons from lvl 51-60
  • Skirmish Instances
  • New shop items

For more information, see the link to the full patch notes on the official Website go to Lord of the Rings Online.

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