With "Loot your Brain" Microphant, a trio from the district of Trier-Saarburg, have come up with their vision of a cross-scene quiz board game. The title about video games is to be realized via crowdfunding via Kickstarter. It's running sluggishly at the moment.

"Loot your Brain - The Video Game Quiz" is the full title of the guessing board game from German makers. The work is intended to be a “journey through the history of video games”, Microphant announces about the project. The quiz cards that you can see as part of the Kickstarter campaign confirm this: It's about gaming from Tetris to Street Fighter to Elden Ring - the latter only appeared a few weeks ago and is already considered one of the best video games of the current year.

Missed turbo start

Microphant - behind it is an independent development team consisting of Laura Nikolay, Andreas Bruxmeier and Ricardo Helms - wants to realize the game via a crowdfunding campaign. The round sum of 7.000 euros has been set as a target for the Kickstarter project - but it is still a long way off.

So far, 27 supporters have invested just over 1.100 euros. Funding is open until July 17, when it will be decided whether or not you have been successful with crowdfunding.

Loot your Brain is a trivia board game for two to four players and is obviously aimed at video game fans or lovers of guessing board games like Trivial Pursuit or Pub Quiz - even if the latter is cooperative. Most of the knowledge queried probably belongs in the “nerdy” category. When was Nintendo founded? Which console is the heaviest? What weapon does Half-Life protagonist Gordon Freeman like to use? As a fan, you can know all this, or at least be able to figure it out, because “Loot your Brain” has four possible answers - players can give an answer even if they are completely clueless.

A highlight of the quiz board game are the loot box cards, which can be used to trigger various actions in order to gain advantages. You can steal tokens from opponents, you can roll the dice again or give an additional answer. In short: Most of the time it's a kind of joker card, plus there are effects that you can use to annoy your opponents. Otherwise it's classic: roll the dice, move your character, answer the question. This collects tokens that grant more dice - so you can reach your goal faster. 600 questions from six categories contains “Loot your Brain”.

Those who want to try the quiz board game “Loot your Brain” can do so via Tabletopia or the tabletop simulator. The cost of the board game is 40 or 49 euros as part of the Kickstarter campaign ending July 17th.


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