Schwabenheim-based publisher Lookout Spiele and Asmodee Germany are pleased to announce that Lookout will also be part of the Asmodee family in sales from January 2022. This is announced by the Essen publishing house. Therewith Lookout titles - such as Agricola, Isle of Sky, Patchwork or the interactive adventure book Cantaloop - as well as upcoming innovations will be available exclusively from Asmodee.

Lookout has been part of the Asmodee Group as a studio since 2018, but sales were handled by ASS Altenburger. "We want to achieve the best for the games, our studios and the market," says Udo Fischer, Sales Director of Asmodee Germany

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“The partnership between ASS and Lookout was great for the games in our studio,” adds Udo Fischer. “We are very pleased that we can now, in close cooperation with both companies, welcome the studio completely to the Asmodee family”. The new cooperation enables an even closer collaboration. One can support Lookout with know-how and the distribution network in "bringing their great games onto the market and marketing them even more successfully."

Hanno Girke, Managing Director of Lookout, also sees advantages in the change: “The collaboration with ASS was a milestone in our publishing history that has brought us far forward. Now let's take the next step. The relocation of sales to the Asmodee parent company releases further synergies that will ultimately benefit everyone. The Altenburg playing card factory will remain with us as a reliable partner in the future, as we see the sustainable production anchored in our business philosophy and the short transport routes within Germany as an essential part of our quality standards. "

Despite the change, Stefan Luther, Managing Director of Spielkartenfabrik Altenburg GmbH, is also positive about the future cooperation: “The games from Lookout have always been something special for us and will always be. As much as we would have loved to keep them in our range, at Asmodee they also come into excellent hands who absolutely know how to bring these great titles onto the market and look after them. At the same time, we are very happy to be able to continue to ensure the quality of the games with our production experience. "


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