With Small Samurai Empires the publisher Archona Games has released another strategic board game in small format. Around 42.000 euros were collected through crowdfunding via Kickstarter. The specimens should have reached their supporters by now. 

We are taking the strategic board game Small Samurai Empires as an opportunity to establish a new format. Instead of many words, the series “Blick auf Brettspiel” is simply about photos that put the game and parts of the material in the limelight.

In Small Samurai Empires, two to four players vie for control of Japan during the samurai era. The aim is to recruit warriors and conquer regions in order to collect victory points. Players go through one planning and one covering phase per epoch, three epochs are played. Which actions players use is decided in secret. All actions are revealed at the same time. So it is important to enlarge your own army, collect resources, build fortresses or let your warriors invade the provinces. The simple goal: to achieve a higher number of points than the opponents.

Archona Games wanted to collect almost 9.000 euros via “crowd financing” in order to complete the financing campaign for the board game. In the end, the amount had been exceeded four and a half times. Almost 1.400 supporters have made the crowdfunding project with the wooden samurai meeples in mini format a success. For just under 26 euros plus shipping costs, players now have an action programming board game in their hands that conceptually doesn't have to hide behind the competition.

Photo gallery of Small Samurai Empires:

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The new format “View of the board game” is now regularly focusing on parlor games and their material components: the series of pictures will include exactly 15 photos per game. For what reason? To show that board and card games can sometimes be small works of art that one not only likes to put on the shelf, but rather takes off the shelf and brings it to the table.


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