Living Forest was able to convince the jury with Game of the Year: On Saturday evening, the game by Danish author Aske Christiansen was voted Kennerspiel des Jahres 2022.

Since 2011, the award for Expert game of the year established as another main prize alongside Game of the Year and Children's Game of the Year. Since then, Pegasus Spiele has twice won the award, which focuses on games that are somewhere between family and expert games in terms of complexity and are aimed at gamers who already have gaming experience: in 2012 with Village (together with Eggertspiele) and 2014 with Istanbul.

Kennerspiel des Jahres 2022: Living Forest

From now on, this list will be expanded to include another title, because Living Forest by Aske Christiansen was able to secure the Kennerspiel des Jahres 2022 award. This allows Pegasus Spiele to continue last year's series of successes, in which MicroMacro: Crime City (together with the Spielwiese Edition) was awarded Game of the Year and Dragomino was awarded Children's Game of the Year.

In Living Forest, two to four players, ages ten and up, slip into the roles of nature spirits who have to save a mystical forest from Onibi's flames. To do this, they extinguish flames, plant trees or awaken Sanki, the guardian of the forest. They receive help from forest animals such as squirrels, badgers and owls, which they draw from their personal deck of cards at the start of each round. But among the animals there are loners, of which not too many should be uncovered, otherwise the number of actions in this round will be reduced. Last but not least, thanks to this exciting push-your-luck element, each round brings new challenges and new options to get closer to saving the forest. The game, lovingly illustrated by Apolline Etienne, ends as soon as one person has planted twelve different trees, extinguished twelve flames or collected twelve sacred flowers and thus awakened Sanki.

"Three central factors make up the thrill and appeal of Living Forest: the exciting race to twelve points, the risky gamble when revealing the cards and the high level of interaction with the other players. The three different victory conditions are particularly motivating.

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