The official Street Fighter 6 launch trailer was released today, starring none other than rap legend Lil Wayne. The trailer captures the excitement and energy of playing the title with friends, family and other competitors from around the world. The trailer features Lil Wayne proving his mettle on the street, along with numerous images from the Street Fighter franchise, spanning a variety of pop culture genres.

Lil Wayne has long had a strong connection to the Street Fighter franchise and said the following about the game's upcoming release: “I'm a Street Fighter OG and have been playing since the Street Fighter II days. So for me, working with the franchise on the release of Street Fighter 6 comes full circle.”


Nomadic Agency is responsible for the Street Fighter 6 launch trailer. The digital creative agency is led by Chief Creative Officer Tim Washburn and President Dawn Bates. The creative director for the trailer is Lucas McClain, the senior art director is Jonathan Marques, and the senior producer is Andrea Abbott. Emma Brill serves as Account Director, Lindsay Curtis as Senior Copywriter and Jaclyn Blanchette as Project Manager.

Joyrider is the production company behind the Street Fighter 6 launch trailer, directed by Jonathan Irwin and produced by Spencer Friend. Nikita Kuzmenko acted as Director of Photography and Alex Gregory is the colorist behind the spot.

Nigel Heath and Jamie Allen were the sound engineers who mixed the trailer, which was edited by Jonathan Irwin, Ray Stevens and Alec Gordon - the three also created the VFX for the trailer along with Alfie Hale and Russell Boyd. Sherri Korhonen is the production designer, Hunter McHugh is the casting director, and music mixing and design was handled by Jingle Punks.

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