Hardware manufacturer Roccat has launched a real lightweight among gaming mice with the new Kone Pure Ultra. The model weighs only 66 grams and is based on the design of the original version of the Roccat Kone, which was first published in 2007 and was revised in 2012 in the version of the Konre Pure. The new Roccat Kone Pure Ultra is available now and costs 69,99 euros as the manufacturer's recommended retail price.

The original version of the Kone gaming mouse was introduced in 2007 as one of Roccat's first products and has become a popular mouse model among gamers. Today the Kone is available in different sizes and colors, with different sensors and coatings - and now also in an ultra-light version with a weight of 66 grams.

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The Kone Pure Ultra retains the original, ergonomic design of its predecessors, including the strategic button layout, the crisp click feel and the solid titanium mouse wheel. With the Kone Pure Ultra, PC gamers not only get a lighter version of the predecessor mouse, including the beloved shape and the usual feel, but also, according to the manufacturer, the "industry's first ultra-light mouse with an ergonomic form factor".
The new Kone Pure Ultra is another novelty in the Roccat portfolio. Photo: Roccat

The new Kone Pure Ultra is another novelty in the Roccat portfolio. Photo: Roccat

Weighing only 66 / 66,5 grams - the Ash Black version weighs 66 grams, the Artic White version 66,5 grams - the Kone Pure Ultra is a lightweight gaming mouse with a solid housing and hybrid performance -Coating for the right touch. This hybrid coating was developed by Roccat to take advantage of the ultraviolet and rubber coating and is therefore easy to grip, durable and dirt-resistant. It also ensures a firm hold of the mouse even during long gaming sessions and contributes to comfort. The mouse feet, which are now larger and have rounded edges, as well as the cabling have also been revised. A lighter, more flexible, 1,8 m long cable connects the mouse to the PC.
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The Roccat Kone Pure Ultra is equipped with a 16.000 dpi ROCCAT Owl-Eye Sensor, which is supposed to ensure exceptionally high accuracy and very precise tracking. The Owl-Eye 16K is based on the PixArt 3389 sensor. The mouse can be set in 50 dpi increments.
The Roccat Kone Pure Ultra is the first Kone Pure including AIMO light and ecosystem and, in conjunction with other AIMO products, creates breathtaking lighting scenarios. Along with a 1.000 Hz polling rate and 512 kB of onboard memory for storing macros and profiles, the Kone Pure Ultra is perhaps a lightweight, but not a compromise in functionality and performance.
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Roccat is a German hardware manufacturer. In 2019, the listed Turtle Beach took over the hardware forge. More information about the Roccat line-up developed in Germany is available at www.roccat.org.

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