After Wild: Serengeti, Bad Comet Games stays true to the animal theme. Instead of going to the Serengeti, this time we go to the rainforest. Life of the Amazonia is all about living in ecological paradise. 

Bad Comet Games wants to finance the new board game Life of the Amazonia via crowdfunding on Kickstarter. In the case of Wild: Serengeti, this has worked well before: Almost 5.000 supporters took part and ultimately generated a sum of almost a quarter of a million US dollars. The board game was then snapped up by the game company for a German-language localization - for this time over 860 fans took part to make the implementation possible. 

Life of the Amazonia – “completely different”

Bad Comet has now officially announced its second nature-related board game, but first information about Life of the Amazonia had already been leaked beforehand. Again, this title is about the grace of a theme and beauty on the gaming table. As with Wild: Serengeti, fans can expect a bunch of visually successful animal figures. The makers announced this commonality, but everything else about the new board game was "completely different".

From this it can be concluded that you will not just put a new look over a known concept. "Life of the Amazonia" takes place, as the name suggests, in the Amazon rainforest, where players are to build the ecologically richest jungle.

According to Bad Comet Games, the main mechanics of the game include bag-building and pattern-building. Players have to build up a decent pool of resources and then use the raw materials to shape the jungle landscape through various actions. In addition, natural areas can be restored, trees and flowers can be planted or various animals and insects can be discovered. Each animal has its own scoring conditions. The rest is strategy, which specifically refers to the patterns that must emerge on the gaming table from a scoring standpoint. 

The Life of the Amazonia Kickstarter campaign can already be noted. 


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