At a presentation a few days ago, publisher Square Enix presented a fresh Life is Strange part. The game is not an official third part, but a similar spin-off as the prequel Before the Storm, although the content is loosely linked to the series. And like Before the Storm, Life is Strange: True Colors, the title of the new part, will be developed by the American Deck Nine Games (the French Dontnod Studios are responsible for the main series).

Life is Strange: True Colors stages another coming-of-age story, this time around the young protagonist Alex Chen. After a painful breakup, Alex moves to live with her brother in the American town of Haven Springs. But the supposed new beginning is suddenly clouded when her brother is killed in a mysterious accident. Alex does her own research into his tragic demise in search of answers. The story is reminiscent of the similarly knitted Dontnod adventure Twin Mirror. In contrast to the last-mentioned work, True Colors has the supernatural elements typical of the series - Alex is an extraordinary empath, who is not only able to perceive and empathize with the emotions of her fellow human beings more intensely, but can even absorb and manipulate them. The state of mind of the people around them is marked with colored auras, hence the title of the upcoming offshoot. But the ability has its price: If Alex acts unreflectively, the gift can overwhelm her own emotional world.


Life is Strange: True Colors focuses on adolescent topics such as friendship, family, loss and the question of one's own identity and belonging. Romantic relationships are also discussed more openly this time than in the previous ones; Alex Chen is openly portrayed as a queer character: So you can decide whether you want to get involved with the male character Ryan or get involved with Stephanie "Steph" Gingrich. The latter also forms an intersection with the events of Before the Storm, where Steph was a friend of Chloe's.

Technologically, True Colors marks a turning point: for the new part, the facial expressions and gestures of the actors are said to have been recorded for the first time via motion capturing. The areas are now much larger and the exploration is to be upgraded and rewarded with optional side tasks. The episode format of the predecessor is also to be shelved: Instead, the full game will be released as a Deluxe and Ultimate Edition on September 10, 2021. The Ultimate Edition will also contain a remastered collection of its predecessors (Life is Strange + Life is Strange: Before the Storm).

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In addition to the original tracks composed for the game, which include songs by Novo Amor (e.g. the track "Haven" from the trailer), there will also be cover versions of well-known titles from the indie and alternative sectors. In the trailer, for example, the song "Creep" is presented at one point, which originally came from Radiohead.

Social media singer Maia, also known as mxmtoon, will take on the singing voice of Alex, while voice actress Erika Mori will be the regular voice of Alex Chen. For the first time, however, there will also be complete localization in German.

Life is Strange: True Colors will be released for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S | X and Google Stadia.