He thrilled millions of people with his films and over the years has become one of the most famous actors in Hollywood: Leonardo DiCaprio. Now the superstar is returning from February 11th to April 23rd with a total of seven of his numerous and successful films on the screens of the CinemaxX cinema chain.

DiCaprio returns to the cinema

Depending on the location, the films are shown either in the original English version or in the German dubbed version. The tickets for the seven films in the Leonardo DiCaprio Special are over www.cinemaxx.de/leo, available at the box offices of the participating CinemaxX cinemas and in the CinemaxX app.

Attention Leonardo DiCaprio fans! In addition to the regular program, CinemaxX is presenting a unique Leonardo DiCaprio Special with seven of his previous blockbusters in 30 cinemas across Germany, before Quentin Tarantino's “Once upon a Time in Hollywood”, another promising film with the (and Brad Pitt) in the lead role in July 2019 comes to the cinema.

It starts on 11/12. February with the trendy drama “William Shakespeare's Romeo & Juliet”. In March, the exciting, award-winning mystery thriller “Shutter Island” continues on 4/5. March 21st, the critically acclaimed and brutal revenge drama “Gangs of New York” on March 28st and the groundbreaking science fiction thriller “Inception” on March XNUMXth.

April starts with the opulent, Oscar-winning film adaptation of the novel “The Great Gatsby” on 1/2. April, followed by the spectacular, multi-award winning biopic “The Wolf of Wall Street” on April 18th. The special will conclude on March 22nd / 23rd. April with the intense survival epic “The Revenant”, for which Leonardo DiCaprio won his first Oscar in 2016 for best leading actor.

Depending on the participating location, it varies whether the films are shown in the original English version or in the German dubbed version.

The Leonardo DiCaprio Special at CinemaxX at a glance:

11./12. February: “William Shakespeare's Romeo & Juliet” (FSK 12)
The family feud between the Montagues and Capulets has long since closed
degenerated into a gang war. Romeo and meet at a masquerade ball
Julia, the children of the respective heads of the family, on each other: It
is love at first sight. As Romeo with one
Julia's cousin quarrel seems to have her love and kill
the peace between families only with a deadly one
Deception to be saved.

4th / 5th March: “Shutter Island” (FSK 16)
US Marshal Teddy Daniels lands on the remote shutter in 1954
Iceland. There is no trace of a murderer there from Ashecliffe Hospital
disappeared. Teddy quickly realizes that he has no support from
the doctor has to expect: Apparently they want him on the wrong track
lure and instrumentalize for a diabolical game.

March 21: “Gangs of New York” (FSK 16)
In “Five Points”, a slum and center of attraction for the
Underworld on the Lower East Side, two gangs fight each other
“Natives” and the “Dead Rabbits”. William Cutting, called Bill the
Butcher, and his hordes don't like it that 1846 keeps growing
Irish people flock to “their” neighborhood. He stabs him in a massacre
Leader of the Rabbits in front of his son Amsterdam Vallon
away. Resurfaces 16 years later after terrible stays at home
Amsterdam Vallon again and has only one thing in mind: revenge for the
Murder of his father. He still wins the trust of
powerful man and even hitched the pickpocket Jenny from him. In
this cruel fight that falls into the civil war riots is there
no pardon.

March 28th: ​​“Inception” (FSK 12)
Dom Cobb is a specialist when it comes to getting into the minds of others
Breaking in and stealing ideas. Now he is supposed to be in the order
of the Japanese magnate go one step further: In the head of the
Young heir Robert Fischer is supposed to plant an idea for it
to ensure that the company of his deceased father
smashes. Cobb gathers a new team and tackles the
Work. His memory of his turns out to be the greatest obstacle
late Mrs. Mal, who torpedoed his plans in the dream world.
And suggests that Conn could do the entire adventure himself
only dream.

01/02 April: “The Great Gatsby” (FSK 12)
As a new neighbor of the under mysterious circumstances to riches
The young broker Nick experiences the coming climber Jay Gatsby
Carraway 1922 The glamor and misery of the American dream. In just five
Years Gatsby has reached the top, celebrates lavish parties,
whose fascination also succumbs to Carraway. But the shine of the new
King of Long Island is only camouflage for a lonely man who
tries to recapture his great love Daisy, who is in front of him
Years ago decided for another man and his money.

April 18th: “The Wolf of Wall Street” (FSK 16)
No sooner did Jordan Belfort start working on Wall Street
the legendary Black Monday kills him shortly afterwards
Job. But Belfort has tasted blood: he wants more. More wealth.
More drugs. More women. He discovers that you can trade with
Penny stocks can make a quick buck. Within a very short time
Belfort becomes a multimillionaire with his company Stratton Oakmont.
That hardly any of the businesses are legal, the FBI soon at the door
stands and marriage goes down the drain, stops the stock market fraud
does not.

22./23. April: “The Revenant” (FSK 16)
During an expedition into the wintry wilderness of Montana
Adventurer and tracker Hugh Glass attacked by a bear.
His companions leave him with a torn throat and a torn back
and broken leg back to die. But he survives and fights
back 300 kilometers alone to get revenge on the men
who had given up on him.

Participating CinemaxX cinemas: Augsburg (OV), Berlin (S), Bielefeld (S), Bremen (OV), Dresden (S), Essen (OV), Freiburg (OV), Göttingen (OV), Halle (OV), Hamburg Dammtor (OV), Hamburg Wandsbek (S), Hamburg Harburg (S), Hamm (OV), Hanover (OV), Heilbronn (OV), Kiel (OV), Krefeld (OV), Magdeburg (OV), Mülheim (S ), Munich (OV), Offenbach (S), Oldenburg (OV), Regensburg (OV), Sindelfingen (OV), Stuttgart Liederhalle (OV), Stuttgart SI Centrum (OV), Trier (OV), Wolfsburg (S), Wuppertal (OV) and Würzburg (OV).
OV = original version; S = synchronous version

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