At the toy fair in Nuremberg, Lego GmbH presented a completely new product range with the "DOTS". Children can use the 2D game bricks to create decorative items and bracelets. The aim is to promote children's creative self-confidence. The game concept is based on the LEGO "System in Play". The new Lego sets should be available as early as March - then directly in different versions.

As a new basic element, the DOTS armband will initially be introduced into the range, Lego announced. As a playful foundation, five different bracelets will be available from March. In addition, room decorations such as photo cubes, pen holders and jewelry stands are coming onto the market, the design of which promotes creative self-confidence in children. The bracelet sets are priced at around six euros, while the decoration sets cost around 15 euros.

Lego DOTS: Children should experiment

Today they like strawberry ice cream and dinosaurs, the day after tomorrow they will build a pirate ship with pups rule. In their world, they can fly underwater and eat cotton candy from the sky. Children experiment and rethink, return to what has long been forgotten and can hardly wait for the new. The new Lego DOTS should build on this.
“The 2D play concept offers children a new play area that allows them to express their ideas, their emotions and their personality. DOTS provides children with a platform for creative experimentation, which offers them endless possibilities to make their world DOT for DOT unique," Lego explains the idea behind the new children's toy.
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Children should be able to shape their play environment - at least partially - according to their own wishes. The bracelet becomes a symbol of identification for planet explorers, the pen holder becomes a casual pineapple with sunglasses and the photo holder becomes a favorite pet! With DOTS, children make them unique and always different.
The basic concept is simple: the central element are 2D game pieces - small tiles in different shapes, lively colors and with varied imprints - with which the DOTS products can be individually designed and continuously developed and redesigned.
As a child, everyone is an artist, Picasso already knew that. Children love to create something and showcase their work. With LEGO DOTS, you can instantly and intuitively create something that you like and that you can be proud of. This promotes creative self-confidence in children from an early age.
Florian Gmeiner, Head of Marketing at LEGO GmbH
DOTS is designed using existing and new LEGO elements, all of which are compatible with the LEGO system in Play. This opens up limitless possibilities with DOTS, with which children can decorate their world DOT for DOT and design it according to their own ideas. The new game concept not only allows children to express themselves, but also encourages them to share their work with others.
At the start there will be five thematically different sets of bracelets: rainbow, animals, unicorn, space and flamingo. There are also three room decorations, photo cube, jewelry tree and pineapple pen holder.

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