The blog StreamElements continuously reports on the latest happenings in the streaming world and at the end of the year gives a look back at the big changes of the past twelve months. At the end of 2019 we were again able to look forward to the latest findings from the bloggers and celebrate a big winner: League of Legends. You can find out from us how this result came about and what the further evaluations have shown!

The big streaming winner League of Legends

The game League of Legends (LoL) managed to conquer the throne again in 2019. Fortnite only kicked the seven-year-long favorite from first place in 2018, but LoL quickly regained its title. In 2019, 990 million viewing hours were booked for the game, Fortnite follows closely with 884 million hours. So what is it that captivates fans so much about the game? Already since 2009 the MOBA is from Riot Games on the market and has broken all records since then. Thanks to a constant expansion of the range of games, LoL was always able to stay up to date and lost none of its topicality.

On the contrary: The player base has grown steadily and can have up to 8 million players at the same time at peak times. At this point, the Battle Royale Fortnite was able to beat its opponent, because it reached a record value of 10,7 million players at the same time. With approx. 79 million players, it performs significantly worse on a monthly average than LoL, which records over 100 million players per month.


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And this is exactly where the hype about Fortnite can be seen, which peaked in 2018, but became less in the long term. After the game was launched in 2017, it wasn't long before everyone was talking about the title. The versions for mobile devices and consoles appeared in 2018 - partly with very good crossplay functions - and the hype was fueled again. In the long term, however, Fortnite cannot keep the same fan base as the long-term favorite LoL.

League of Legends as an esports discipline

A similar observation can also be made in other areas of the streaming industry, such as eSports. LoL is now one of the most important disciplines in eSports and is affectionately referred to as "the football of eSports" - the most popular sport by fans. LoL duels are held all over the world and are part of the largest esports events ever. Other important disciplines are Dota 2, Starcraft 2, CS: GO and now also FIFA.

Nimble fingers: League of Legends demands great skill from players.

Nimble fingers: League of Legends demands great skill from players. Image:

Although some Fortnite tournaments are held, it has still far from achieved the same status as the disciplines mentioned above. The rest of the industry also clearly shows this phenomenon. This is how LoL on channels like ProSieben Maxx even shown on television, The LoL Worlds tournament is said to have had a total of 44 million viewers on all platforms. In Germany should have already tuned in every fifth person in an eSport competition.

Bookmakers have also jumped on the eSports car, because in their eyes computer games are just as much a sporting discipline as football, basketball and the like. A similar trend is also evident. Renowned sports betting providers such as Betway have numerous eSport betting offers for LoL and other major disciplines, however, do not have Fortnite in their range yet. The good long-term reputation of the LoL game and the number of regular players and viewers is also more convincing here.

More results from 2019

In addition to the big winning title, there were also others who wondered about the results of StreamElements especially pleased. Among the streaming platforms was, as expected, again Twitch the big winner. With a market share of 73 percent Most games are still streamed via TwitchIn addition, the platform was able to record a growth of 20 percent in the number of viewing hours. A success all along the line. Also YouTube can look forward to growth of 16 percent, but remains far behind in second place Twitch. In third and fourth positions are found Facebook Gaming and Microsoft's mixer, which are relatively unknown. The platform of Microsoft got the star streamer Ninja brought on board, the one with Fortnite Twitch Has been the most watched streamer for a long time. It remains to be seen whether this can increase success in 2020.

2019 was a really good year for League of Legends. In addition to player numbers of more than 100 million per month, the game was able to regain its title as the most streamed game. In the long term, LoL seems to be superior to its arch-rival Fortnite. This is also evident in eSports and sports betting, which focus on MOBA. Now mobile game versions of LoL are also to appear- we are curious how Riot Games will implement this project.