There are several MOBA-style mobile games. It is surprising that the king of the genre, League of Legends, has not yet been available for smartphones and tablets. Riot Games wants to change that and has announced several new games, including League of Legends Wild Rift, the LoL Mobile, so to speak. In addition, a card game and an Overwatch competitor will appear.

The Californian development studio Riot Games is expanding its portfolio with several titles. Including a long-awaited mobile offshoot of the successful MOBA League of Legends, which celebrates its tenth anniversary on October 27th. On the occasion of the big birthday, the makers are giving the fans new titles for which players can already pre-register in the app stores.

Mobile MOBA: League of Legends Wild Rift  

So far, League of Legends was only available as a PC game, now the MOBA is finally making its way to the smartphone. It was foreseeable that the title would come in its new form at some point. Competitor studios have long since dared to take the plunge and launched their own mobile MOBAs. Now fans can finally play "the original" on their cell phones and tablets.

With the suffix "Wild Rift" League of Legends appears for mobile devices and consoles. The modification is similar to the original version, but Riot Games has tailored the usability specifically to the needs of mobile and console players.

Some of the adjustments are already visible in the trailer, for example in the subsequent control of Ashe's arrow fire - arrows can be controlled in flight in the mobile phone version. Anyone who hopes for a release of LoL-Mobile on time for their birthday will be disappointed: League of Legends Wild Rift should appear in 2020. The title is also designed as a free-2-play game. There should be 40 heroes at the beginning, all of which can be unlocked without using real money.

Riot Games promises heroes known for "Wild Rift". Image: Google Play Store / Riot Games

Riot Games promises well-known heroes for "Wild Rift". Image: Google Play Store / Riot Games

The second new title from Riot Games is a card game that is to be released for PC and as a mobile game. Legends of Runeterra is based on the basic idea of ​​Blizzard's trading card game Hearthstone and brings well-known heroes and villains back to the screens in a card format. All figures are not only implemented, but redrawn.

Legends of Runeterra will be playable for free as a Free-2-Play title. Riot Games also wants to do without luck-heavy loot boxes or card packs, reports IGN. Instead, it should be possible to buy required cards directly. The trading card game Legends of Runeterra will also no longer appear this year. Riot Games is planning the PC beta for early 2020, with the mobile version to follow later.

Also new, but still unnamed, is Riot Games' Project A, which will likely become a rival title to Blizzard's team shooter Overwatch. The process is similar: players fight each other in shooter style and also use special abilities of the characters.

Surprisingly, "Project A" is not supposed to be set in the League of Legends universe. Instead, Riot Games wants to establish a completely new setting. There are currently no further details about the still nameless shooter. Other project titles are rumored to be in the works, including a fighting game and possibly even an MMO or RPG set in the Runeterra universe. 

The auto-battle game “Teamfight Tactics” will also be available for mobile devices. The title, which is already available for PC, is making its way onto smartphones and tablets. Riot Games is following the ongoing trend that automated games are currently setting.

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The “LoL E-Sports Manager” probably belongs in the “nerd game” category. The globally popular competitive title League of Legends requires a lot of planning on the part of the teams. Riot Games wants to give fans a real manager game, comparable to modern football manager games. This title is also planned for 2020. Teams from the Chinese professional league will probably be included at the beginning.

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