The first numbers of players from FIFA 21 Germans point to a successful season. The newest offshoot of the EA Sports soccer series has officially started and Electronic Arts reports that over 3,6 million fans are already out and about in the game. Around 2,3 million players already gained early access to the virtual stadiums via the subscription service EA Play. And that's not all: over three million teams have already been created. 

There is already a lot going on in the virtual stadiums, on the sidelines, but above all on the pitch. Because, as is well known, there is where it counts. Players can do their first laps on the Playstation 4 and Xbox One consoles as well as on the PC, for the first time even via Steam. Some improvements ensure that the first reviews of FIFA 21 are positive.

FIFA 21: Career mode and gameplay improved

This year, the developers have increasingly focused on the career mode, among other things. New functions have been implemented to make it even more fun for players to lead their favorite team to titles. The matches are more intense, transfers and training units are more important and players have more options overall to turn the screws so that their team can act successfully on us off the pitch. The managerial career at FIFA 21 is finally one too.

There are also numerous gameplay improvements that are particularly noticeable in duels and attack strategies. In this way, scoring chances can be played out a bit more specifically, the ball control feels more authentic and the dribbling looks technically more rounded.

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The Volta mode is also returning, this year being pepped up by the “Volta Squads”. This results in a new possibility, especially for multiplayer lovers, to compete with and against other human players. With up to four friends, fans form a team with whom they then compete in action-packed 5-on-5 games on the small fields in the backyards.

FIFA Ultimate Team is also back, basically offering the same gaming experience that fans know - and sometimes love, sometimes criticize - but you can now lend a little more hand to the individualization and design of your team as a brand. From the cheers to the choreographies of the fans, a lot can be adjusted. Overall, the motto at FIFA 21 FUT is: players should be able to spend more time on the pitch.

FIFA 21 is pure licensed football: there are more than 30 official leagues with over 700 teams and over 17.000 authentic players available.

FIFA 21 is currently playable on PC as well as Xbox One and Playstation 4. Owners of the game will then receive a free update for the Playstation 5 or Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S. All progress from the Volta mode and from FIFA Ultimate Team will be transferred.


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