The launch of New World, Amazon Games' open-world MMORPG, has taken place. Fans have waited a long time for the title and for the start of a new MMO in general - that doesn't happen very often in the gaming world. The joy that is now pushing the servers to their limits was all the greater. Over a million players have already tasted it during the beta tests - here we go!

The European servers of the Open World MMORPG went live at 8 a.m. and invite adventurers to the mystical island of Aeternum. New World offers a sophisticated real-time combat system based on skills, classless progression that allows unique characters to be created, and massive PvP battles with up to 100 players and a variety of other PvP and PvE experiences.

New World: Epic Launch Trailer is here

Players get stranded in New World on Aeternum, where the basic rules of life and death do not apply. New World offers endless opportunities to fight, collect and create as players explore the island and uncover its dark secrets. Adventurers can band together in factions and compete in massive PvP battles for supremacy on the island, or go on an exploration tour alone (or in small groups) and discover Aeternum's secrets.

"Over a million players landed on Aeternum during the beta tests and we are delighted to welcome even more adventurers to New World today," said Christoph Hartmann, Vice President of Amazon Games. “New World’s epic battles, talent-based combat system, beautiful surroundings, and in-depth crafting and character progression systems create a game that you can literally lose yourself in. Aeternum is a living world, created to change and grow over time. Today is just the beginning - we have so much more in store for the players. "

New World has a sophisticated real-time combat system based on skills - every swing, dodging, and blocking counts. Aeternum is contaminated by dark creatures, tainted by centuries of death and resurrection. Players must improve their weapon handling and combat skills if they are to survive on this island.

New World offers a range of multiplayer activities, including epic siege battles of massive proportions - with up to 100 simultaneous players on the battlefield. The outcome of every war determines which company controls the contested areas - and thus also the available resources.

Teams of 20 players from two rival factions fight for fortresses and resources in a max-level game mode. The mode combines PvE and PvP battles. Dungeon instances for five players, which lead the group into the most remote corners and deepest abysses of Aeternum. There they face deadly opponents and bring the truth about the island to light. The corrupted armies of Aeternum are rallying to launch an assault on player-controlled areas known as invasions. Groups of 50 players band together to stop the waves of monsters.

New Worlds classless progress allows players to develop their characters in a unique way and use weapons to match their own play style - e.g. blades, gunpowder or magic. An in-depth crafting system and adaptable player housing offer everyone the opportunity to create their very own spot in this world.

To celebrate the launch of New World, Amazon Prime members will receive the exclusive Pirate Bundle through November 1st. The package includes a pirate character skin, an emote and in-game currency worth 4,99 euros. It's the first of seven Prime Gaming drops coming to New World in 2021.

New World is approved for USK 16 and is available on and Steam. The standard edition costs 39,99 euros, the deluxe edition for 49,99 euros also offers the forest man armor and hatchet skins, a great dane as a pet, the stone / scissors / paper emote set and a digital artbook .


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