Lost Ark has been officially released - but there is confusion about server closures at launch. Due to the rush, Amazon Games and Smilegate have closed some busy and popular servers for new players. This also causes frustration, because some Free 2 Play players were hoping to be able to play together with their "Founder friends".

In view of the advance praise and the immense rush even in the early phase before the launch of Lost Ark, the overloading of servers is no surprise: Amazon Games is now taking the consequences and isolating popular servers, including Asta, from new players.

Lost Ark: Hundreds of thousands want in

After pre-orders have been throwing themselves into the world of Arkesia since February 8th, all players can start playing Lost Ark on Steam for free starting today. The title can already after only three days extremely positive reviews on Steam and has been played by more than 24 pre-orders in the last 500.000 hours alone.

The technology has to nibble on the onslaught: queues, overloads, you know that from other games restarts. However, Lost Ark was literally overrun even before the action role-playing game had even officially started. The success now also has a downside for some players: They no longer come to servers that may have been selected in advance. Particularly tragic: the unofficial German server "Asta" is also one of them. New characters can no longer be created there. The only exception: You already have a character on one of the closed servers. Also close by the way: Kadan, Trixion, Zinnervale and Thirain.

At the same time, Amazon Games will provide other new EU servers. There will initially be six: Antares, Brelshaza, Inanna, Nineveh, Sirius and Thaemine. According to Amazon Games, there will apparently be no character transfers beforehand. In those countries where Lost Ark has been running for years, such a system does not even exist. Discussions between Smilegate and Amazon are ongoing, but there are no results. It is also unclear how long the server closures are to remain in place: the official forum states that the restrictions will be maintained for the “foreseeable future”.

Can you play with friends on other servers?

If you don't get access to a selected server and thus supposedly can't play with your friends, you still have an alternative: Instanced content, such as raids or dungeons, can be tackled with players from other servers - together! This works via the group finder in the lobby. Content from the open world cannot be contested together in this way, however. And you can't join guilds across servers either. Visiting friends' fortresses or joint fights against world bosses remain unattainable.

Now Amazon Games wants to turn the tables: If the newcomers don't come to the "Founders", the founders should come to the beginners: Anyone who has redeemed their "Founder's Pack" by February 14th will receive a second package. The contents remain, except for the crystalline aura. Of course you can also use the package on "your" server if you don't want to change.

Amazon Games is collaborating with Smilegate RPG to localize and translate Lost Ark, which already has millions of players in Korea, Russia and Japan. With the western release, the award-winning RPG will also be available for the first time in Europe, North America, Latin America, Australia and New Zealand, complete with all spoken and written dialogue in German, English, French and Spanish.

In any case, the creators are happy: "Together with Smilegate, we are proud that millions of new players worldwide can experience Lost Ark," says Christoph Hartmann, VP of Amazon Games. “Lost Ark's unique style of action-oriented combat and almost endless class customization options keeps opening up new ways to play in a dynamic online universe. There are numerous new worlds to explore and competitive resources to unlock in this vibrant fantasy world.”

Lost Ark offers a mix of dynamic, action-packed combat and deep MMMORPG gameplay. Features include:

  • Fifteen different hero classes at launch, each with their own customization options and a variety of combinable skill sets.
  • An epic quest for the lost ark in a stunning and ever-expanding universe, full of diverse worlds and massive cooperative combat. Players sail around the world and even explore and develop their own islands.
  • A wealth of endgame content such as dungeons and raids for players of all skill levels. There are also a number of PvP options such as ranked and unranked modes as well as epic gear to collect.

Lost Ark is rated at USK 16 and available as a download via Steam. Players have the option to purchase starter packs available in Apprentice, Explorer, and Vanquisher versions on Amazon and Steam.

Preview Product Rating Price
Lost Ark: bronze Pioneer Pack Lost Ark: bronze Pioneer Pack * 14,99 EUR

Preview Product Rating Price
Lost Ark: Silver Pioneer Pack Lost Ark: Silver Pioneer Pack* Currently no reviews 24,99 EUR

Preview Product Rating Price
Lost Ark: Golden Pioneer Pack Lost Ark: Gold Pioneer Pack* Currently no reviews 49,99 EUR

Preview Product Rating Price
Lost Ark: Pioneer Pack with Platinum status Lost Ark: Pioneer Pack with Platinum Status* Currently no reviews 99,99 EUR


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