Kryptomon, an NFT game based on cryptocurrencies, is setting out to revolutionize the genre of monster collecting games. The similarities to genre greats like Pokemon or Digimon are amazing, the game principle is at least similar - there is only one thing that completely differentiates Kryptomon from commercial full-price titles related to monster breeding: It is a mix of video game and modern investment. 

The idea of ​​NFT games is not new: at least since Cryptokitties, “Non Fungible Tokens” acquired through play can be collected and also sold and thus turned into cash. The non-fungible token is one of the modern forms in the blockchain segment and is closely related to the term “smart contract”. This means that one-off entries can be made on the blockchain. The advantage: An NFT is like a kind of certificate of authenticity, as we know it for gold coins or paintings - just digital.

The non-fungible token is not new, it has just been rediscovered. NFT has been around since 2017, but by 2020 its market capitalization had increased roughly eightfold. This is also thanks to the increased interest in the topic. In addition, the new success of NFT is also linked to the boom in cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin and Ethereum had reached new record levels, ETH in particular is closely linked to non-fungible tokens because, among other things, the ERC-721 protocol and the ERC-1155 standard are supported. The first non-fungible tokens were created on the Ethereum blockchain, but there are now other options.

Among other things, it is Elon Musk again, who has to be mentioned in the same breath as Non-Fungible Tokens - at least indirectly. In fact, it was his wife, the singer Grimes, who made NFT a popular topic as well as some popular million dollar sales. Last fall, for example, an American art collector spent almost seven million dollars on a ten-second video. It featured a gigantic Donald Trump in a not particularly presidential situation. Digital art, objects in computer games or music serve as objects for NFT. Horrendous sums of money do not always flow, digital art and culture are also available at a lower price. One thing is certain: more and more people are buying videos, pictures or even tweets - or NFT as proxy certificates. The trick behind it is simple and corresponds to those certifications that are also known in the real world. Non-fungible tokens are therefore associated with digital groupage and are therefore in demand accordingly. That is also the reason why originals can be auctioned at unbelievable prices. It is due to the uniqueness combined with the verifiability of authenticity. One can therefore understand NFT as a form of investment, just as art is in reality.

This system is also used by the new crypto game “Kryptomon”, the name of which is obviously based on the genre leader Pokemon. Behind the project is a team of ambitious developers, headed by Umberto Canessa Cerchi as CEO and founder of Kryptomon.

Kryptomon: hatching eggs, caring for monsters

The idea of ​​Kryptomon is basically simple: As a player, you acquire an egg - for example, you win it in various community campaigns or buy it on special NFT marketplaces - and then hatch it to get to a crypto monster. The creatures consist of different genes that ultimately form a unique monster: with individual skills and an individual appearance.

Umberto Canessa Cerchi is the CEO and founder of Kryptomon. Photo: private

Umberto Canessa Cerchi is the CEO and founder of Kryptomon. Photo: private

Kryptomon CEO Umberto Canessa Cerchi is the brain behind the project. He is not only familiar with his game creations, but also with the ideal template - Pokemon. We wanted to know which is his favorite pocket monster. "Oh damn, that's a tough question to be honest," says Umberto. "When choosing a starter Pokémon, my pick would always be Bulbasaur in the first generation and then Chikorita in the second - I tend to always start with a grass type." And: “Always as a Pokémon on my team? Ampharos, definitely. "

In the meantime, Kryptomon is already making the rounds in the scene. Around 100.000 fans registered for the crypto game in the nine-day launch phase. Some: curious, others have focused on an investment. The boundaries are fluid at Kryptomon. There are playful elements, but in the end nothing works without money. In the best case, you earn money with breeding monsters or trading the crypto currency KMON.

So is Kryptomon more of a game or more of an investment? As CEO Umberto Canessa Cerchi explains, “Kryptomon is absolutely not a get-rich-quick scheme, but a game where community members can grow in an environment full of nostalgia, excitement, and mutual interest. I have a feeling that players looking for the "easy buck" will be disappointed and won't allow themselves to enjoy the full experience behind the game. "

Kryptomon is based on a “play-to-earn” model, explains Cerchi, “which is a characteristic of most GameFi projects. All cryptomones (including eggs at the beginning) are linked to an NFT. It is precisely at this point that a possible investment case becomes noticeable. Cerchi says: "Some kryptomone eggs can be considered valuable". Recently, the highest amount paid for an egg on the secondary market was 26 BNB. That is currently a little more than 12.o00 euros. Even for 35 BNB (over 16.000 euros) something went away. “So it's essentially an investment,” says Cerchi. The most valuable and at the same time rarest eggs in Kryptomon are so-called gene 0 eggs. The contrast is provided by inexpensive specimens that have already been sold and bought for 0,4 BNB.

With Kryptomon, those players who trade actively, maybe even invest money to buy eggs, keep eggs and sell them more expensively, benefit. This is supported by the typical monster collection system for unique creatures: every Kryptomon creature is “completely unique”, explains the Kryptomon CEO. “So when properly trained and developed, the value of any creature can vary based on its abilities and characteristics. Trainers can of course also earn during the fighting phase, although like any NFT project it is more of a long-term investment and an opportunity to be part of a unique and exciting community! "

Nineties nostalgia as a source of ideas

One question arose: How did you come up with the idea of ​​developing a pocket monster game like Kryptomon? CEO Umberto Canessa Cerchi's answer is not as surprising as one might assume, given the underlying blockchain technology. It's about nostalgia - and about two brands from childhood: “Put simply, we wanted to bring in our favorites from the 90s and give the modern age a twist by also combining the NFT trend with it. I remember getting into the world of Pokémon around the same time I got a Tamagotchi for the first time. The story and creativity in Pokémon, as well as the desire to keep my own little monster alive, just got me going. "

The will and the idea were there, the rest was done at Cerchi is personal nerd level: As a true geek, he was enthusiastic about the topics of cryptocurrencies and NFT and also had to combine his childhood favorites with them in order to create a “great experience and a community behind it” . “GameFi is something so exciting and an area that will grow massively!” Predicts Cerchi.

"If a trainer doesn't take care of his cryptomone, it doesn't die, it rests."
Umberto Canessa Cerchi, CEO, cryptomony

Speaking of Tamagotchi: Who does not remember when one has lost a lovingly bred pixel monster because it has been neglected? This can also happen with Kryptomon. However, because it is about collectibles worth money, the developers have defused “death” a little. Umberto Canessa Cerchi explains that this fact has been carefully considered: “If a trainer does not take care of his cryptomone, it does not die, but rests. Trainers can either use KMON, the cryptocurrency attached to the Kryptomon World, to revive their monster (with money that goes into the pool, from which trainers can win during the combat phase), or they can continue to take care of it then deal with the cryptomone with a loss of skills and abilities. " So players and investors have a choice should the worst of all cases occur.

Kryptomon: From the second phase onwards there is fighting

As befits a video game - or some kind of video game - Kryptomon is also constantly being screwed and developed. “The plans for the fourth quarter of 2021 are probably the most exciting part of our roadmap so far,” says Cerchi happily. "In the next few weeks we will be starting Kryptomons Phase 1, in which the Kryptomons eggs will hatch and Trainers will meet their creatures for the first time." That has happened in the meantime. "Trainers will be able to connect with their digital pets, care for them like they would, and begin training and breeding," said the Kryptomon CEO. The time for trading will also come stronger, because fans will “also be able to sell their trained cryptomones”.

Exiting the “Tamagotchi” phase and entering the “Pokemon” phase is probably more interesting in terms of play: “Phase 2 is the combat phase that will start at the end of 2021 or beginning of 2022,” explains Cerchi. "Coaches will be able to pit their kryptomons against each other to climb ranks and be named the best coach in the world". And in order to be able to earn the crypto currency KMON in this way.


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And anyone who is now thinking about joining Kryptomon should, according to Umberto Canessa Cerchi, first heed the basic rule of crypto trading: “Inform, inform, inform”, says the CEO. “Do your own research” is what it says in the crypto cosmos. "I assume that if you are interested in cryptocurrency, you spend a lot of time online and therefore have a wealth of information at hand," said Cerchi. Cryptocurrencies are not as new as the masses believe - but "they have changed a lot since I entered this world in 2011".

There are many comprehensive sources from which one can get information, says the CEO and advises: "And I would also recommend finding out some influencers and different media in order to get a balanced picture of the market." According to Cerchi, anyone who then learned more about crypto could take a look around the GameFi world - after all, there are projects on almost every topic that could interest you while playing and as a player. Information about Kryptomon is available online at:


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