Microsoft is known for starting cool fan campaigns every now and then. This time gamers can win a custom console in a competition organized in cooperation with Ubisoft. The focus of the raffle is an Xbox Series X in the “Far Cry 6” look - and it's pretty awesome. 

Microsoft and Ubisoft have teamed up for a current competition for the Xbox Series X. The focus is on Ubisoft's new action game Far Cry 6. This is not only reflected in a rudimentary way as a theme for the custom console, but also gives the winning Xbox a rather blatant look.

Far Cry 6: console and controller in a special look

The Xbox Series X is apparently based on a makeshift explosive device in terms of design. The included controller also matches the unusual look. Perhaps the best news about the campaign: fans from Germany can also take part.

Microsoft is giving away the custom Xbox to Rewards members. Under this Link you can take part in the competition and, with a little luck, win a unique Far Cry 6 Xbox Series X. And as if that wasn't price enough, Microsoft is adding a Samsung Neo QLED television on top. Of course, the package also includes a digital version of Far Cry 6.

These Xbox Series Xs can win fans. Image: Xbox

These Xbox Series Xs can win fans. Image: Xbox

The custom console is not otherwise sold, so it is only available through the competition. The unusual model is not the only Xbox Series with a special look: There is also a design model for Halo Infinite - this time it is even freely available. Unfortunately, stocks are rare and the custom console long out of print. Instead, the Halo Xbox can now be found for horrendous amounts of money on the Internet. Sellers can call up up to US $ 1.000 for this on the well-known auction platforms.

The Far Cry6 competition is of course part of a marketing strategy to draw attention to the release of the title. Ubisoft's newest offshoot of the series will be released on October 7th for Windows PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series, Google Stadia and Amazon Luna. A highlight of the first-person shooter with action-adventure gameplay should again be the characters. This time there is the actor Giancarlo Esposito, known from The Mandalorian, who appears as “El Presidente”. As a player you fight for nothing less than the freedom of the fictional island “Yara”, which is based on Cuba.


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