Publisher Fellow Traveler and the German development studio Happy Broccoli Games have the release date of the weird and funny adventure RPG Kraken Academy !! announced. The game about a newcomer to a crazy school, inspired by "Groundhog Day" and 90s anime, will be released on September 10th on Steam, Humble and GOG. Kraken Academy !! costs 14,99 euros.

When a developer studio is called Happy Broccoli Games and the developed game Kraken Academy !! (yes, with two exclamation marks !!) and this title is based on the idea of ​​a nineties film, you pretty much know what you're getting yourself into as a player.

Funny, weird !!

In Kraken Academy !! Players find themselves in the shoes of a new student who is given the ability to travel through time by a magical octopus. The game is described as a "Groundhog-Day Adventure inspired by anime from the 90s".

Happy Broccoli Games are also releasing a brand new launch trailer, voiced by Brian David Gilbert. The trailer features everyday occurrences and locations of the Kraken Academy, including a blood fountain, an underground secret hiding place and a lake that the local Kraken calls home.

The octopus gives the new student the task of finding a traitor; a malicious mastermind that pretty much anyone at this boarding school could be. With his special powers, the protagonist travels back into the past at any time and experiences his first day of school again and again. With each loop, players must discover new information about the routines and daily routines of the students and teachers in order to uncover the secrets of this school. Each time, the solution to the riddle and the prevention of disaster comes a little closer.

While players “save the world on the side”, there are a whole range of other activities on campus. The Kraken Academy is divided into four clubs: Music, Art, Sports, and Drama. Players start in one club, but can join a different club in each subsequent round. This opens up more and more parts of the campus and they find out more about their fellow human beings, go to parties or help the caretaker to fight organized crime.

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