The KOSMOS publishing house continues to rely on exciting puzzle games. The successful EXIT game series by Inka and Markus Brand will be joined in spring 2019 by an escape game that is already taking a different path in terms of the playful framework. With Escape Tales - The Awakening by Jakub Caban, Matt Dembek and Bartosz Idzikowski, a background story should ensure a captivating gaming experience. The game, on the other hand, does not use stressors. 

Escape concept with a background story

With the EXIT games, the publisher KOSMOS has placed a strong brand. Behind the successful series is a basic idea that the author duo Inka and Markus Brand have borrowed from "real escape rooms". Because escape games also work excellently as table variants, the publisher continues to rely on such puzzle and crime games. 

With Escape Tales - The Awakening a puzzle title by Jakub Caban, Matt Dembek and Bartosz Idzikowski appears, which puts a dark background story at the center of the game. Instead of having to solve tasks under time pressure, players should be able to calmly follow the storyline - and make important decisions in the course of the game.

KOSMOS Verlag publishes the puzzle game Escape Tales - The Awakening

The highlight: depending on the path taken, the outcome of the game changes, so alternative endings are an integral part of the idea. The cornerstone of the story sounds like a mystical standard food, but due to the fact that it is embedded in an interactive game experience, it should provide great entertainment. 

The story: 

"Single dad Sam watches as his 14-year-old daughter Lizzy falls into a coma. The doctors are at a loss. So Sam, in all his desperation, decides to perform a spooky ritual to save his daughter.” 

The puzzle game Escape Tales - The Awakening is also supported by an app. The age rating has been set to 16 years, which indicates that the content will be anything but child-friendly.

Escape Tales - The Awakening will be published first in autumn by the Polish publisher Board & Dice, then in spring 2019 by KOSMOS.