Cascadia, the game of the year 2022, is back in stores. As the publisher Kosmos reports, the game is in stock. Due to the success of Randy Flynn's puzzle board game, the title was temporarily poisoned. 

The board game Cascadia (Flatout Games) has the distinction as Game of the Year 2022 receive. Randy Flynn has won many fans with the idea of ​​a tile-laying game based on animals in north-western North America. The board game published in this country by Kosmos was so successful that it was temporarily sold out.

Cascadia back in stock

Cascadia has developed into a real phenomenon, which the game price has topped it all off. Flatout Games had previously successfully brought the board game through a crowdfunding campaign - many supporters were found. Not least because the publisher had previously had a surprise success with Calico. If the publisher Ravensburger was the winner in this game, Kosmos really cleaned up with Cascadia.

Randy Flynn's idea is not an innovative miracle, but a consistent refinement of the well-known placement game principle. With an additional level, the board game gains strategic depth - the basic set of rules is at the same time simple enough to also inspire beginners to play a game. But connoisseurs will also be happy with Cascadia, because the title doesn't make any noteworthy blunders when it runs. 

Cascadia offers board game fun at a high level, even without the Game of the Year 2022 award, the title could have secured its place on the shelves of the world. Nevertheless, the prize is a crowning achievement - and a sales driver for Kosmos Verlag. Games with the “red pawn” in particular are popular over the counter. With the holiday season - and the holiday shopping season - approaching, Kosmos has brought the game back to stores in good time. The suggested retail price is 35 euros, but Cascadia is often much cheaper. 


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