The video game Anno 1800 will be implemented as a board game. The publisher Kosmos announced this and even announced the publication period: Anno 2020 is to appear as a board game penned by Martin Wallace as early as autumn 1800. Now the idea is not: Already Anno 1503 and Anno 1701 made it onto the market as implementations - also published by Kosmos. 

Ubisoft's build-up strategy game about the age of industrialization will probably again celebrate success - this time, however, in the form of board game sales. The Franconian publisher Kosmos will bring an adaptation of Anno 1800 to the market this autumn. The publisher confirmed this via Instagram. The basic idea is based on the digital template: Players have to build an industrial landscape, take care of the needs of the population and keep an eye on both production chains and the specializations of their residents.

Anno 1800: Board game by Martin Wallace

The game is implemented by the experienced English game designer Martin Wallace, who was previously responsible for board games such as Hit Z Road, Age of Steam or Brass. Anno 1800 is not the first game he has penned to be published by Kosmos: the publisher has already included Tyros, a Discworld offshoot and Volle Scholle in its program.

With Anno 1800, Wallace and Kosmos rely on a strong license this time. The strategic building game was developed by the Ubisoft studio Blue Byte Mainz and is considered one of the flagship projects in German game development. Anno 1800 is now the seventh part of the series and replaced the predecessor Anno 2205 in order to bring the game back into a historical setting. The reviews of Anno 1800 were mostly positive, but not free from criticism. Anno 1800 won the German Computer Game Award 2020 in two categories: as the best German game and for the best game design. 

Ubisoft recently released the new DLC "Rich Harvest" for Anno 1800 to add new features and buildings for agriculture to the building game. Copyright: Ubisoft

Ubisoft recently released the new DLC "Rich Harvest" for Anno 1800 to expand the building game with new features and buildings for farming. Image copyright: Ubisoft

Kosmos now wants to build on these two superlatives and bring Anno 1800 to the table as a board game. The basic idea remains the same: you build the industry on an island, take care of the residents and focus on efficiency and growth in order to further develop your home island. 

“You have to fulfill the wishes of your people. But the inhabitants are initially satisfied with bread and clothing, but they soon start asking for valuable luxury goods,” writes the publishing house Kosmos in its announcement. The aim is "a clever distribution of farmers, workers, craftsmen, engineers and investors". That sounds suspiciously like worker placement, and competitively so, because, as Kosmos describes Anno 1800, “the competition never sleeps and can snatch new achievements from under your nose at any time”.

So in the end it is a matter of creating the most prosperous island, also using the ship trade. Fleets also enable the development of new islands in the Old and New World.

The board game for Anno 18ßß will be published by Kosmos in autumn 2020 and would probably have been one of the novelties that fans would have seen in the meantime canceled SPIEL 2020 can try. 

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