After a year in Early Access, the colorful co-op shooter Arcadegeddon from IllFonic celebrates its full release on July 5th. Together with up to three friends (or alone), players take on the evil megacorp Fun Fun Co in a super arcade game. Explore the digital battlefield, discover several colorful biomes and face PvP challenges in the mid-game win to grab powerful loot. Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 versions join the PC and PlayStation 5 versions that have been available since Early Access began.

Arcadegeddon, the co-op multiplayer shooter from IllFonic, has continued to evolve since its Early Access release on PlayStation 5 and the Epic Games Store last year and is now getting its full release on July 5th, 2022 with lots of new content. Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 versions will also be released for the first time on the same day, with crossplay between all platforms.

Support your local arcade

The task of the players is to save the local gaming arcade from the evil mega corporation Fun Fun Co. Fun Fun Co is out to sabotage the virtual super game arcade owner Gilly invented to keep his business afloat. Together with up to three friends or alone, you now have to explore the digital battlefield, discover several colorful biomes, win mid-game PvP challenges to grab powerful loot, and with the July Update to defeat powerful villains in the final boss loop. In July, the game will also get another chic biome.

Eleven local gangs can be recruited in Gilly's Arcade - those who complete their challenges will be rewarded with Tech Points. These unlock powerful Surge Gauntlet abilities, like hurling fireballs or summoning medic drones. 35 powerful weapons are at your disposal to defeat the 31 different enemy types and their derivatives (XNUMX different enemies in total) and the XNUMX vicious bosses that lead them. As you progress through the leaderboards as you explore the six biomes, additional challenges await as your Street Cred increases.

Nighthawk Interactive is bringing the arcade experience into your home this summer with physical editions of Arcadegeddon for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and Smart Delivery Xbox Series X|S / Xbox One. All saviors of the arcade will start from scratch at launch; the Early Access supporters will receive the Adopters Bundle as a thank you for their trust. It contains an outfit and decoration for the arcade, at least five days of XP boosters and a currency booster bundle.

"Because there were hardly any physical events to gather player feedback, Early Access was invaluable for us to complete Arcadegeddon," said Charles Brungardt, CEO of IllFonic. "Thanks to everyone who has helped us perfect this action-packed game with their feedback. There's still time before launch, so grab the Early Access rewards now!”

Arcadegeddon will be available for €29,99; the Early Access version is currently available for 19,99 euros in the Epic Games Store and for PlayStation 5. For the full release there is a new biome and the boss loop in which powerful villains are defeated. After Arcadegeddon was only available in Early Access on the Epic Games Store and on the PlayStation 5, it will also be available on July 5th with crossplay on PlayStation 4 and Xbox Series X|S and One.

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