Spirit Island has been released as a digital board game., With this, developer Handelabra Games has ended the early access phase of the PC adaptation of the cooperative anti-colonization game by Pegasus Spiele. The game is available on Steam, costs 20,99 euros regularly, but is offered at a discount of 5 percent until August 15th.

Instead of settling islands, Spirit Island is about the exact opposite: together, in the cooperative board game R. Eric Reuss, players have to prevent exactly that. A lot of magic is available, because you slip into the role of ghosts to protect the island world from the intruders.

Spirit Island: cleverly combining magic and mysticism

Spirit Island as a digital board game implements the idea according to the original. Players must work together cleverly, combining their skills to destroy settlements, create fear and thus eliminate the invaders. Each mind has different skills and requires a noticeably different game strategy. There are skills in different strengths as well as unique skills that are based on the alignment of the mind.

The spirits each have unique abilities. Image rights: Handelabra Games

The spirits each have unique abilities. Image rights: Handelabra Games

The PC adaptation is based on the template by R. Eric Reuss, but also contains some innovations. For example, there is the option of adapting the look: players can choose from a classic view, i.e. view the game from an isometric perspective or from above, or enjoy the digital board game in a modern guise, then with a 3D view.

The first opinions of the users are mostly positive. Last but not least, this is due to the successful template. Spirit Island is a complex, cooperative board game with a high level of difficulty. The modular game board is particularly noticeable due to its high number of combinations: over 78.000 configurations should be possible.

Spirit Island is out now for PC Steam available. The game language is English, there is no German version. The game was developed by Handelabra Games, the studio that had already adapted the deck builder Aeon's End.

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