Knights of the Old Republic 2 for Nintendo Switch has long been available, and some fans may even be looking forward to the end. There is a problem: a bug causes a "crash" that can make it impossible for players to complete Knights of the Old Republic 2. The developers at Aspyr have a tip: cheat!

Ironically, the version for Nintendo Switch of Knights of the Old Republic 2 currently has a serious bug. The developers state that they are already working on a solution. A release date for the fix has not yet been given. Players report, among other things, that the game cannot be ended due to the error.

Just cheat in Knights of the Old Republic 2

Knights of the Old Republic 2 was released for Nintendo Switch in early June and takes up around 16 gigabytes of storage space on the console. The game even contains some content that was dropped from the original version, such as new dialogue, a bonus mission and a revised ending. The content will be provided as a free post-release DLC.

With the latter – i.e. the end of the Star Wars game - but there are problems. Player reports game crashes during a cutscene when landing on Onderon. Aspyr has a somewhat unconventional workaround tip for those affected: use a cheat code to skip the cutscene. The developers state that you have to press the left thumbstick three times to get to the cheat menu. There you should then select "warp to OND504". The developers also have a warning: Players should not then visit the market area, as Knights of the Old Republic 2 would then “crash”.


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