Simply playing everywhere without having to pack a lot is sometimes not that easy. Especially if you don't feel like going to the UN and Co. again. But Hasbro now wants to change that and provide variety. From now Card game versions of several entertaining classics appear.

All games are suitable for fast rounds with a playing time of around 15 minutes. You can even pass the time at the train station while waiting for the next train. Above all, however, children don't get bored too quickly. Monopoly, which was a test of patience at the time, is now an entertaining pastime with a fun factor in the form of the Monopoly Deal.

Classics as card games: These games are available to choose from

To play a round for two there are fleet maneuvers and who is it? on. In fleet maneuvers, the ultimate goal is to track down, hit and sink the opponent's fleet. The players lay out so-called battle cards and pen cards with which opposing ships can be found and sunk. Additional maneuvers can be played with the power cards. This brings even more tension into play.

For young people from five years of age, "Who is it?" rather. With clever questions, which can be answered with yes or no, it is important to find out which face is hidden on the secret guess card that everyone draws at the beginning. The character cards are face up on the table in front of each player.

For several players there is of course something for every age group. In Cluedo, ages eight and up, players use evidence and suspicion cards to collect strategic information about a criminal case and then combine it correctly. Walking through the rooms is no longer necessary, but you no longer have to look for all the characters under car seats, because the cards, securely tied, don't fall out of the pack that quickly.

Each game comes in a manageable size and has beautiful illustrations. Copyright: Hasbro

With “four wins” the players each draw two mission cards face down. Then, one by one, cards are drawn from the deck and placed next to each other on the table so that they match the four-row patterns on your mission cards. The winner is whoever was the first to add four mission cards.

Last but not least, the aforementioned Monopoly Deal, up to five players can put their haggling skills to the test. The game offers a quick and easy introduction to the world of Monopoly. With ownership, rental, house and hotel cards as well as of course money and event cards, players deal as much as they can on the go. Land jokers help you put together land sets, because whoever is the first to collect three sets wins.

Every game is a good thing to do when you're on the go or want to take your favorite game outside with you. In addition, they are suitable for the whole family, without small parts that could be swallowed, you can play in a relaxed manner, and the games are also great as a gift.

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