Recently the latest installment in the Kingdomino series, Kingdomino Origins, has been released by Pegasus Games. As tribal leaders, the players expand their tribal area. They can look forward to mechanical innovations as well as variations on well-known elements.

After Kingdomino was named game of the year 2017 and Dragomino child's game of the year 2021, author Bruno Cathala is breaking new ground both thematically and mechanically in the latest part of the series. In the standalone family game, two to four players as chiefs of Stone Age tribes expand their tribal territory by hunting and gathering resources, but also using volcanic lava to bring vital fire to their tribes.

Board game variant lengthens in the trade

Kingdomino Origins contains three different game modes. The fire mode introduces the Kingdomino game principle - each round the players build a domino with two landscapes in their own tribal area. Totem and Cavern modes add more challenge and variety by bringing resources into play and giving players the opportunity to recruit new cavemen to their tribe, which can bring additional prestige points.

Not only does Kingdomino Origins stand out as the 2017 Game of the Year variant, but it also introduces additional mechanics that will challenge both fans of the series and newcomers alike. A 3D tile tower, here in a volcano look, completes the gaming experience. Kingdomino Origins is recommended for players aged eight and over and is available now. The manufacturer's suggested retail price is 34,99 euros, but the board game can sometimes be found much cheaper in stores.


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Pegasus Games 57113G Kingdomino Origins Pegasus Games 57113G Kingdomino Origins * 27,58 EUR

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