The placement game Kingdomino was released in Germany in 2016 and won, among other things, the prize for the game of the year 2017. This success was followed by the expansion Kingdomino: Age of Giants and the independently playable successors Queendomino and Dragomino, the latter of which became child's play in 2021 of the year has been awarded. Now the latest offshoot called Kingdomino Origins has been released by Pegasus.

Kingdomino Origins is the latest game in the popular series by French game designer Bruno Cathala. Thematically, it takes us back to the Stone Age, where we, as the chief of a tribe, expand our territory by going hunting, collecting resources or using volcanic lava to bring vital fire to our tribe.

The placement game for 2 - 4 players comes with three game modes, which should bring a little more variety to the well-known game principle. In fire mode, Kingdomino Origins is very similar to the original game in the series, according to Bruno Cathala. Totem mode brings resources into play that give extra points, and in cave mode, the most complex mode in Kingdomino Origins, you can use resources to recruit cavemen for your own tribe.

Kingdomino Origins is now available in stores and costs around 35 euros.



Number of players: 2-4 people
Age: from 8 years
Playing time: 20-40 minutes
Difficulty: easy-medium
Genre: family game
Core mechanism: placement game
Authors: Bruno Cathala
Illustrations: Cyril Bouquet
Publisher: Pegasus Spiele
Official Website: Link
Year of publication: 2022
Language: German
Cost: 34,99 €

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