Ironhide Game Studio today announced the release of Primal Ravage, the new update for the acclaimed tower defense game Kingdom Rush Vengeance. The new content is available now on Steam, the App Store and Google Play. The update is now also available for Apple Arcade.

Primal Ravage brings new levels, enemies, and achievements that players face with sword, shield, and sorcery. Also an exclusive new opponent and a premium tower are part of the whole.

The mage Vez'nan returns

The almighty wizard Vez'nan also returns in Kindom Rush Vengeance! Players will embark on an extraordinary journey and gather their forces to carry out the Dark Lord's schemes. With every step and every struggle, they shake realms old and new. In this classic yet epic tower defense game full of humour, players will face off against other empires with powerful enemies and encounter the mightiest of bosses.

There are some new features for fans to discover, including three challenging levels and a fierce boss fight against one of the most persistent bosses in the entire Kingdom Rush series. A new premium tower called Ignis Altar is also part of the update. This is a mighty volcano, inhabited by a tribe of shamans who heat up the enemies with lava projectiles.

Also new to the game is the premium hero Grosh. Its mighty ax thirsts to cut down enemies with powerful special attacks. Grosh stands ready to unleash his primeval wrath on his foes. There are four new ferocious enemies, ranging from dinosaurs with deadly sharp teeth and claws to a fiendish tribe of ancient dwarfs riding dinos. There are also four new achievements to show who's boss.


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