Today Ironhide Game Studio, creators of the million-played Kingdom Rush and Iron Marines franchises, unveiled their latest title, Iron Marines: Invasion. In the real-time strategy game, players explore alien worlds and confront alien threats with their Iron Marine Corps.

- Ironhide Game Studio today announced Iron Marines: Invasion, a new real-time strategy game in their popular Iron Marines series, coming later this year. The title will be released for iOS and Android. Pre-registration is now open on the App Store and Google Play.

Beyond the boundaries of the settlement

In Iron Marines: Invasion, players explore unique worlds and defend them from terrifying alien threats. It is only by combining squad skills that the Iron Marines stand a chance against the deadliest alien races. Stunning landscapes await players' advancing naval squads with exciting and surprising challenges. To counter the dangers, they can draw on a wide range of special weapons and power-ups. The galaxy faces invasion and there is only one hope for peace across the Federation planets: the Iron Marine Corps and their allies.

Iron Marines: Invasion combines an expansive universe with action-packed challenges, an original art style, humor and many exciting surprises. Players will explore awe-inspiring worlds and battle alongside the galaxy's greatest heroes. A real-time strategy and space adventure awaits, bigger and crazier than ever. The Iron Marines series returns with this second installment!

Game Features:

• Over 25 campaign missions that lead to the most incredible worlds. Thousands of planets to explore and defend by setting a strict strategic game plan!

• 70 Special Operations to take your marine skills to the highest level.

• 9 unit groups for a total of 27 different troops. You can even combine your reinforcements depending on the mission and strategy.

• 9 powerful heroes with strong skills that you can train. Help them become the best in the galaxy!

• 8 special weapons improve your army's tactics to the max! Design your game plan and use weapons like ricochets, poison bombs or even drone factories.

• 40 upgrades to improve strategy and strengthen units with defensive drones, napalm missiles, ricochets and more.

• Over 20 achievements to mark your journey to becoming a real-time strategy expert

The latest installment in the Iron Marines franchise builds on the success of its predecessor. Iron Marines has garnered a variety of awards and accolades, including App Store's Top #1 Paid App, Google Play's 2017 Android Excellence Award, and BIG Festival's Best Latin American Game.


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