Scopely, one of the most prolific mobile game developers in the world, has released its latest title following hits like Star Trek: Fleet Command and MARVEL Strike Force. Kingdom Maker offers an innovative mix of real-time strategy/4X, role-playing and simulation, embedded in a fantasy medieval MMO world.

Players can live out their medieval dreams by establishing royal families, expanding their cities, engaging in real-time battles or romance, engaging in political intrigue, forming alliances with other players, and more. Kingdom Maker is available now on the App Store and Google Play.

4X RPG in medieval fantasy world

The new free strategy game Kingdom Maker from Scopely, one of the fastest growing mobile video game developers, is available today. Developed by Global Worldwide in partnership with Scopely, the MMO Experience is the newest addition to Scopely's diverse portfolio of games. The game immerses players in an unconventional and hilarious medieval adventure with deep customization, player-driven storytelling, and epic combat.

Kingdom Maker combines real-time strategy, role-playing, and simulation in a stylized world where players can rule as they choose. They can make their medieval dreams come true, establish royal families, engage in battle or romance, and get involved in the intrigues of politics. Let the petty quarrels begin!

"With Kingdom Maker, we've created a truly unique gaming experience," said Steve Huff, President, Games at Scopely. "The game is a refreshing take on 4X and a great addition to our diverse portfolio of compelling, dynamic titles. Kingdom Maker's original world brings a sense of humor to the strategy genre, allows for a high level of personalization, and offers devious and exciting medieval fun for players everywhere. A deeply social experience with far-reaching possibilities, the title is designed to evolve with players over the years."

Kingdom Maker offers all the main elements of a modern strategy game in which players defend and expand their kingdom, but with some fresh ideas. Kingdom Maker main features:

  • Noble Families: Create your own dynasty! The "nobles" go into battle, explore dungeons, experience romance and cause chaos.
  • Huge real-time battles: Fight until the defenses are breached and the city falls - or the attackers run out of infantry. Each battle is visible to the entire community and any player can join it.
  • city ​​building: Build and upgrade great walls and dozens of unique buildings to create a kingdom that generates resources, troops, items, people, and power.
  • Territory Control: Conquer territories in a vast world; controls strategic points such as capital cities, trading posts and gates.
  • Customizable armies: Develop commanders and recruit champions to lead armies to war. Earn powerful gear to bolster the battalion and claim victory. The catapult is ready!
  • Alliances: Join forces with friends and strive for absolute and unlimited domination. Or choose a boring strategy like making a peace treaty and bartering goods to ensure the welfare of the people.

Kingdom Maker joins Scopely's portfolio of strategy games such as Star Trek Fleet Command and MARVEL Strike Force.

The game's launch continues Scopely's dynamic commitment, including partnering with innovative Web3 companies (like Animoca Brands, IndiGG and Polygon) and development studios around the world (like Burlingame Studios, Pixel Toys and Tag Games). Transformational acquisitions of strong game development teams (such as GSN Games) and a variety of game expansions for all platforms (such as the PC version of Star Trek Fleet Command, the launch of the web version of SCRABBLE and much more) complete the alignment to meet gamers where they are most active - mobile, web and beyond.


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