Kingdom Builder is one of Queen Games' most successful games. Eleven years after its launch and 10 years after winning Game of the Year, Queen Games is now celebrating the game with a special edition. In line with the great success of the game, the game itself is now also getting big.

The Troisdorfer Spieleverlag is celebrating its 30th birthday this year. In addition, 2022 is also the 10th anniversary that after Alhambra second game of the year award, which Queen Games is awarded for Kingdom Builder had received. The anniversary of this award is now the occasion for a very special edition of the game.

Those who want a great kingdom will get great material here

The rules of the game, which is particularly suitable for families and occasional players, are quickly explained. Everyone has a hand card that shows one of the nine possible types of terrain. When it is your turn, you draw another card. Then one of the two cards must be played and three settlements must be placed on the corresponding type of terrain. If possible, these must be placed adjacent to your own settlements that have already been placed. Placing them next to locations can give them special abilities that can be used from then on. There is gold (=victory points) for settlements next to castles. However, the most gold is awarded for the conditions depicted on the three Kingdom Builder cards.

The one announced for Kickstarter Empire edition now comes with some extra large components. Each of the player colors has its own design for the now plastic buildings. The castles also move in the Empire edition in three dimensions. The location tiles are also made of plastic here. To support the taller buildings, the panels are about a quarter larger. In addition, there is a completely revised artwork for the box and the cards. As an added bonus, there is a promo pack of Twist cards that can add new rules to the game. These were first introduced in winterkingdom introduced.

Kingdom Builder Empire Edition is a game for 2-5 people aged 8+ and takes 45 to 60 minutes to play. The Kickstarter campaign is scheduled to start in the first week of May. Those interested can join the campaign here bookmark

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