NeocoreGames announced that the full Steam release date of King Arthur: Knight's Tale has been moved from February 15th to March 29th, 2022. While the delay is small, NeocoreGames is confident that the additional weeks of overall development and polishing will help bring fans the best possible version of King Arthur: Knight's Tale.

The turn-based tactics game is currently available in Early Access on Steam, where players can experience the entire first act of the campaign. The rest of the campaign and endgame mode will be added in the final version. King Arthur: Knight's Tale will also be available for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S at a later date.

Legend of King Arthur

Set in a dark fantasy world based on the Arthurian myth (and earlier King Arthur strategy games), this Tactical/RPG hybrid begins right after the famous Battle of Camlann with a twist: the player starts as a former Black Knight of the dark stories: Sir Mordred, King Arthur's nemesis. With his last breath, King Arthur struck down Sir Mordred and both died - and yet somehow survived.

It is now up to the player to fulfill the wish of the Lady of the Lake, the ruler of the mystical island of Avalon, and end this true nightmare. Players embark on a knightly quest to finish what began: slaying King Arthur - or whatever became of him after his dying ship was brought to Avalon.

The modern day retelling of the legend of King Arthur, King Arthur: Knight's Tale is a unique blend of turn-based tactics game and classic character-centric RPG. King Arthur: Knight's Tale is a modern dark fantasy adaptation of the classic Arthurian mythology and an evolution of the traditional tales of chivalry.

The player controls a small team of heroes and must face challenging combats with a deep, tactical turn-based combat system. There are more than 30 heroes from 5 different classes and hundreds of abilities and artifacts to combine to create an efficient team.

Knights of the Round Table

The own knights of the round table gather and solve knightly quests. These heroes are the most important resources and at the same time the most complex game elements. But beware, death is always final! Players must use their Round Table wisely and plan ahead before engaging in battle. The character leveling system is as deep as in traditional RPGs: heroes level up with unique skill trees and the complex loot system offers unique options for fine-tuning tactical skills. Each hero has a distinctive personality, and their allegiances constantly change based on the player's decisions - in certain cases, the heroes can even leave the Round Table and turn against the player.

The entire area of ​​Avalon is represented on the adventure map, where the player can observe the events, choose missions and explore different locations. Management in King Arthur: Knight's Tale focuses on rebuilding Camelot and expanding the mystical stronghold with new buildings, each unlocking various upgrades, and also offers various ways to heal and manage the heroes of the Round Table.

The players slip into the role of Sir Mordred, the former archenemy of King Arthur. It's about exploring the mystical island of Avalon and embarking on knightly adventures. In addition, on various occasions, players must make moral choices that have a direct impact on the story and morale. After the campaign is over, new endgame content will be unlocked for the bravest of all: New, difficult challenges appear on the map with challenging, mythical boss fights and random quests, loot and character progress, which ultimately lead to the banishment of Balor, the monstrous god-king of the Fomorians himself , to lead.

Players can discover more than 50 unique points of interest on the adventure map, including 20 story missions and various side quests that take place on different terrain. From the dark castle dungeons to the forests of the Sídhe - created using photographically scanned environments and high-quality "motion-capturing" animations, all rendered in a modern PBR engine with DirectX 12 and supporting impressive atmospheric effects. In all, players must contend against seven enemy factions, more than 50 different enemies, and 10 incredible boss battles throughout the quests.

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