Kickstarter is not only a financing solution for board or card games, it also enables video game developers to implement their projects with the help of the fans. NeocoreGames - responsible for titles such as Warhammer 40.000: Inquisitor Martyr and The Incredible Adventures by Van Helsing - are celebrating their Kickstarter debut with the launch of crowdfunding for their tactical RPG King Arthur: Knight's Tale. The campaign runs until November 12th.

The title reveals the topic: It's about a medieval setting, based on the Arthurian saga, but reworked in dark fantasy. Instead of brawling action, NeocoreGames relies on tactical banter combined with role-play elements. The player controls a team of heroes and must face opponents in battles with a tactical turn-based combat system. To put together an efficient team, there are more than 30 heroes from five different classes and hundreds of skills and artifacts to combine.

Tactic-role-play mix with progress system

The own knights of the round table gather and solve knightly quests: That is the premise of the video game that NeocoreGames wants to realize via crowdfunding via Kickstarter. For the first time, the developers are resorting to the possibility of "crowd financing".

These heroes are the most important resources and at the same time the most complex game elements. Another highlight: death is always final. Players need to be smart about their round table and plan ahead before they go into battle. The character level system is based on traditional role-playing games, heroes develop further and learn through their skill trees. In addition, there is loot, which adds further options for fine-tuning the tactical skills. Each hero has his own personality and their loyalty is constantly changing based on the decisions of the player - in certain cases the heroes can even leave the round table and turn against the player.

The scene of the action is the Kingdom of Avalon. The entire area of ​​Avalon is represented on an adventure map - players can thus observe the events, select missions and explore different locations. The management in King Arthur: Knight's Tale focuses on the reconstruction of Camelot and the expansion of the mystical fortress with new buildings, which can also be "leveled", i.e. equipped with various upgrades. Among other things, this creates opportunities to heal and manage the heroes of the Round Table. This is essential because, as we remember, death is always final.

The official trailer for King Arthur: Knight's Tale shows what it's all about:


The players slip into the role of Sir Mordred, the former archenemy of King Arthur. It's about exploring the mystical island of Avalon and embarking on knightly adventures. In addition, on various occasions, players must make moral choices that have a direct impact on the story and morale. After the campaign is over, new endgame content will be unlocked for the bravest of all: New, difficult challenges appear on the map with challenging, mythical boss fights and random quests, loot and character progress, which ultimately lead to the banishment of Balor, the monstrous god-king of the Fomorians himself , to lead.

Players can discover more than 50 sights on the adventure map, including 20 story missions and various side quests that take place on different terrain. From the dark castle dungeons to the forests of the Sídhe - created with the help of photographically scanned environments and high-quality "motion capuring" animations, all of which were rendered in a modern PBR engine with DirectX 12 and which support the atmospheric effects. In total, the players have to prevail against seven hostile factions, more than 50 different enemies and ten boss battles during the quests.

If everything goes smoothly in crowdfunding, King Arthur: Knight's Tale should appear in December 2020 according to information on the Kickstarter page for Backer; the release date is given as the first quarter of 2021. For PC-Steam, Xbox Series X | S as well as Playstation 5, the dark fantasy RPG will be released, then at the regular price of around 40 US dollars.

For around 23 euros, fans can get in and reserve the early bird version at a low price, a total of 5.000 copies are available. The next price level is 45 euros, after which it will be correspondingly more expensive if more goodies are included. The runs until November 12th Campaign for King Arthur: Knight's Tale by NecocoreGames; The developers set a financing target of almost 127.000 euros, and shortly after the start of crowdfunding, more than 250 supporters raised around a tenth of the amount.

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