It is a well-known fact that it is not easy for parents. Hundreds of guides provide educational knowledge, rules and basics that are given to committed parents as tools in order to transform their children into individuals who are enthusiastic about learning. Support measures are regularly packaged in seemingly mechanical exercises that children do not enjoy and whose success is usually only successful in theory.

Learn with fun

Children learn almost entirely independently. Every day anew. Those who take advantage of their own childlike curiosity can usually do without complicated support measures from self-proclaimed "experts". Children still learn best while playing and many parents intuitively do the right thing to support their loved ones in a natural way. Differing advice and constant comparisons with other children lead to great insecurity, especially among young parents.

It can be so easy with children: Take your time to play!

 The following article presents some entertaining educational games for different age groups, which children and parents not only give children and parents shared moments and are fun, but also train basic skills in a playful way. You challenge your children without overwhelming them.

discover the world

This placement and matching game is aimed at children from 5 years of age and promotes basic geographic knowledge. Special sights are depicted on the game board, the children compare their card motif with the pictures on the game board and assign the sights. By the way, your children will gain their first knowledge of the continents of our earth and the treasures that they harbor. From the Statue of Liberty to exotic animals to the impressive pyramids is at discover the world everything included. The simple course of the game is quickly learned and the visually appealing visualizations are particularly memorable. With a little creativity you can increase the level of difficulty yourself. For example, use the cards from the educational game Discover the world and practice blind mapping on a real earth or map. In this way you deepen the knowledge you have learned and ensure great moments of tension when you discover the locations. The increased difficulty might even give some adults a few head nuts. Have fun!


The world is colorful and full of shapes. The educational game Colorama from Ravensburger brings your children close to some geometric shapes and combines them with the 4 colors red, green, money and blue. For up to six children between the ages of 3 and 6, Colorama is an ideal matching game that greatly promotes concentration. Two dice decide the colors and shapes they are looking for: Now the children have to place the right stones in the pre-cut fields as quickly and accurately as possible. This laying action also promotes fine motor skills - with fun and an entertaining portion of chaos.

I live here

In a round I live here Children from 2,5 years of age get to know their home environment in a fun way. They learn to perceive and recognize their surroundings. The individual rooms are visually beautifully designed and provided with many details that are waiting to be discovered. Particularly practical: the educational game I live here introduces children to the art of playing the rules - very carefully through graded game sequences. In order to increase the gaming experience even more, rounds of board games can be combined with tours of the house. In this way, children playfully learn about differences in the same categories of objects: A bed is still a bed, even though it has a different shape.

Since small players in particular tend to test the game material for its robustness, the elements consist of I live here made of sturdy cardboard. This is not indestructible, but durable.