Children want to be entertained, even at Christmas. So why not give away exciting toys that also train motor skills and encourage creative play behavior?
This post introduces some innovative children's toys that are ideal as Christmas gifts.

Great sand

When thick layers of ice cover children's playgrounds and make sandboxes unusable, you simply move sandcastle building to your own four walls. The Great sand from the house of Goliath. Various themed packages in different price categories offer the right entertainment for every child. The Super Sand is somewhat reminiscent of moist sand from the sandpit, but it sticks together better and can therefore be used perfectly on flat surfaces in your own home. Molds and pattern rollers make playing sand a child-friendly experience. Of course, it does not remain completely crumb-free on carpets, but the sand is easy to remove (vacuum it up or squeeze the chunks together and put them back in the box). When Super Sand is under the Christmas tree, spring fever arises. The sand can be shaped and processed well and offers creative processing options apart from the specified molds. You are welcome to send me your gigantic sand structures by photo 😉

This year's Santa Claus is not made of chocolate, but also of super sand.

Play-Doh cake magic

I've been enthusiastic about modeling clay for decades and will continue to do so for the next 100 years. It gets particularly colorful with the package Cake magic by Play-Doh. Small cakes, gigantic cakes or just cake decorations: with this set, your children will become true confectioners!

Of course you shouldn't eat the dough, but the works of art serve as the perfect template for the next holiday cake!

Intelligent modeling clay

The new edition of the original clay is innovative: Intelligent modeling clay!

This marvel from the children's toy engineering sector has different properties: Magnetic, color-changing. shining, glittering, colorful, jumping, tearing ... and much more.

For the Christmas season I recommend the glowing version. Lights out and enjoy the kneading work of art in the dark. Creates a great atmosphere and brings creativity under the Christmas tree.