Oink Games, the publisher behind artistic board games such as A Fake Artist goes to New York or Deep Sea Adventure, is back in the crowdfunding sector. With two new products and a revised classic, the creative studio wants to convince again with its special ideas. The Kickstarter community reacts positively: the campaign has already been successfully financed. 

The Japanese studio Oink Games had previously surprised and delighted fans with the two A Fake Artist goes to New York and Deep Sea Adventure. With its unusual design approach, the games company is at least bringing a breath of fresh air to the industry. Now they want to convince the "swarm" of the conceived concepts with two new products and a remake. So far it's working well, the campaign is already heading for 50.000 euros - Onik Games wanted to take in around 8.000 euros.

Creative trio with a special look

As part of the Kickstarter campaign, fans can secure three games as a bundle. That costs around 52 euros, for which you get, among other things, Moon Adventure, a game that is based on the mechanics of Deep Sea Adventure. The trio is complemented by the new development Dokojong, which, according to Oink Games, was created in collaboration with Shunya Shiina. Also includes a revised version of the 2011 classic In a Grove.

The three games could hardly be more different. In Moon Adventure, two to five players set out for the moon together to collect supplies. It is important to survive various external influences; For example oxygen shortage or solar storms. The concept is based on the bestseller Deep Sea Adventure, of which Oink Games sold over 200.000 copies. The game also includes an expansion, but nothing is known about it yet.

Oink Games offers three games in a bundle on Kickstarter. Image: Oink Games

Oink Games offers three games in a bundle on Kickstarter. Image: Oink Games

Dokojong, on the other hand, is a guessing and logic game that is about finding dogs hidden under a grid of laying plates. The idea is as simple as it is ingenious: The aim is to find the dogs of the opponent without revealing too much information about the location of your own. So it's about social deduction and bluffs.

The third title is a revised version of the deduction game In a Grove. This should contain an improved set of rules as well as drilled out components. It is not a purely optically adapted version, but one in which the course of the game is said to have been improved in detail.

Oink Games plans to publish further details on the games. the Kickstarter campaign for crowdfunding Moon Adventure, Dokojong and In a Grove is already running. Until February 27th, fans can think about joining with a pledge. The games are to be delivered in August 2021.

According to Oink Games, the games are exclusive to Kickstarter. All titles will later also be available at trade fairs or in stores.

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