The second edition of the Lord of the Rings P&P "The One Ring" has become the most successful tabletop RPG on Kickstarter. The Swedish publisher FriaLigan has already announced the good news. From Hobbiton to Mordor, it's now known that the "one ring" has hit the crowdfunding scene as hard as Gimli's ax hit an orc. The campaign ended on March 4th.  

By March 17.070.638, FriaLigan had collected 4 Swedish kronor as part of the Kickstarter campaign for The One Ring: 2nd Edition. That translates to just over 1,6 million euros. This pen-and-paper role-playing game is now the most successful in the crowdfunding segment.

The One Ring: Tabletop RPGs can keep up - sometimes

The success of the campaign clearly shows that pure pen-and-paper projects can now keep up on Kickstarter and be financed with higher sums. The second edition of The One Ring had a big advantage with the potent license, but such high crowdfunding sums are rather rare in the field of tabletop RPGs. The enormous financial success of some board games, such as the Gloomhaven successor Frosthaven or Awaken Realms' ISS Vanguard, pure pen-and-paper games do not come close, but in recent months it has become clear that more and more publishers are vying for the favor of fans with their role-playing ideas.

The One Ring: 2nd Edition has had a remarkable Kickstarter success. Image: Free League

The One Ring: 2nd Edition has had a remarkable Kickstarter success. Image: Free League

Many pen-and-paper projects are fundamentally successful, but most achieve "smaller sums" in the four or five-digit range. Still, The One Ring shows that role-players accept crowdfunding when they discover a project that they see as worthwhile. In the future, this could mean that there could be more tabletop RPGs that reach five or even six figures in funding. Currently, however, several factors must come together for such success - above all, a strong brand. In any case, the success of FriaLigan's The One Ring: 2nd Edition is good for the genre.

Fans have particularly praised the project that the typical Tolkien spirit would be retained in the revised edition and that the processing will be based on the core material of the original version. It is an update of the 2011 version of Cubicle 7. This time, however, the Eriador region is at the center of the action. The publisher FriaLiga (Free League) had already implemented other brands than RPGs, such as the titles Dishonored or Mutant: Year Zero, which also exist as video games.

The One Ring is expected to be shipped worldwide in November. Around 16.500 supporters took part in the campaign on Kickstarter.

Source: Kickstarter

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