Pandasaurus Games had previously teased the project step by step, now the publisher has officially announced what the new roll-and-write game by Elizabeth Hargrave and Jeff Fraser is: The Fox Experiment. The title goes live on Kickstarter on September 6th. 

Game Designer Author Elizabeth Hargrave has once again collaborated on a title about animals. After birds in flapping wings, butterflies in mariposas and flowers in tussie mussies, it's back to nature. Co-developed with Jeff Fraser (Boruto: Naruto Next Generations; Cartouche), this roll-and-write game is about foxes.

In The Fox Experiment, players breed their own domesticated foxes. "In each round they choose a pair of fox parents and roll the dice to produce puppies that can become parents in the next round," the publisher describes the game idea. The right foxes then help to collect points to ultimately win the game.

A game based on true events

The saying that makes you smile is known from films and series: "Based on true events" is usually a slogan there for far-fetched subplots. However, Pandasaurus Games and the writing duo is much closer to reality with The Fox Experiment - the roll-and-write game is based on the Belyaev Trut experiment, which was carried out in Siberian Novosibirsk. There, scientists had started an experiment on domestication. From a large group of foxes, they selected those that were curious and less aggressive towards humans. This continued: with each subsequent generation, they chose the friendliest puppies - only they were allowed to become parents. The Idea: Researchers hoped to recreate a process that originally led to animal domestication thousands of years ago.

Still, "This game is fictional," explains Pandasaurus Games. "We do not attempt to depict actual people or events." Instead, the publisher recommends reading How to Tame a Fox (and Build a Dog) by Lee Alan Dugatkin and Lyudmila Trut to learn more about the actual experiment. The literary work was used as the basis for the board game. 

The approach always sounds exciting. By the way, Pandasaurus Games can play roll-and-write games: With Rawr'n'write - which was published as part of Dinosaur World's Kickstarter campaign - the publisher has brought one of the currently best representatives of the genre onto the market. With its approach, The Fox Experiment at least has the potential to top the quality. The Fox Experiment is set to be crowdfunded over Kickstarter financed. The campaign is scheduled to start on September 6th.

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