RPG, i.e. role-playing games, is one thing above all: lively communication. But what happens if that is exactly what happens? Alice is Missing is a silent role-playing game in which you only exchange information via smartphones. 

For several years now, the games industry has been moving with the times and trying to use technology to its advantage. Some go further than others. For example, you can now look at many instructions as PDF or in the app, for werewolves there is a suitable playlist on Spotify and at Mansions of madness The app provides you with puzzles, which you need to download in order to play the game. Whether that already exhausts the limits of technology, the games should stay analog, is another question.

Playing in the age of smartphones

Alice is Missing: A Silent Role Playing Game is also using the age of smartphones and is giving a popular genre a completely new twist. Communication takes place in the preferred messenger and talking is prohibited. The other players sit together at the table, but in the game they explore the small town of Silent Falls, and since thought transmission does not work yet, all that remains is the SMS.


Silence in a game that otherwise lives from loud voices. Image source: Kickstarter, Julianne Griepp

The game also includes a deck of cards and a playlist that should create the right atmosphere. The cards change the course of events and the course of the story in every game, even if Alice is always missing, the game can be played more often.

As with the classic RPG, everyone creates their own character, these have information cards for orientation in order to keep the realism. No, Alice was not devoured by a giant dragon, nor was she abducted by aliens. The relationships with each other are determined and of course the relationship with Alice. The game provides 45 minutes for this. Overall, the game lasts around two hours with three to five players, with an upward trend. You have 90 minutes to find Alice, the timer is running.

There is no game master and everyone has individual information about the events that will contribute to the story. However, there is one person who introduces the story and has an eye on the rules, he or she will still play a perfectly normal character. The rest of the events are controlled by maps, there will be clues, further developments of characters and changes of locations.

A "Corona" safe version is also included

The creators of the game are not only careful to create a game that is adapted to technological progress, they also keep an eye on the current situation. While we welcome easing in Germany, the lock down is even stricter elsewhere.

The Roll20 variant offers a virtual gaming table Source: Kickstarter

In cooperation with The Roll20, a game variant is created that replaces the gaming table and creates a virtual level. In contrast to tabletop simulations, the entire game play is not relocated but you communicate via your own mobile phone as in a normal game. The virtual table is only used to reveal playing cards.

For those who don't want to use "The Roll20" there is a printable version, but this makes the game more difficult since everyone has to have a view of the cards. So you either install a small webcam over the kitchen table or talk to each other about which cards are open.

Discover relationships on another level

The main objective of the game is to discover how the individual people relate to each other and to unfold the story. Sensitive topics such as sexuality, violence or grief are also addressed. The game brings you back to school and presents you with a variety of difficult problems teenagers experience.

When the crowdfunding campaign is on Kickstarter ends, then all stretch goals could be achieved successfully. The last stretch goal enables the development of an app so that the game is always available on your mobile phone and can also be played on the go.

It is the seventh RPG game that of Hunter's Entertainment was successfully funded on Kickstarter. Behind the name stands a team that has specialized in RPG, whether the focus should be on the development of the characters, the story or the discovery of a world. With Alice is Missing: A Silent Role Playing Game you give your game a new dimension.

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