Autumn heralds the time of year when board game evenings are particularly popular. We arrived in September and this month we are also introducing you to three promising titles that are currently vying for player favor with the help of a financing campaign on Among other things, an already well-known title awaits you with a magical offshoot of Epic PvP. The logic game is another exciting new feature The End in Night as well as the Tabletop War Titans - Invaders must die from Ireland's “gaming capital” Cork.  
Have fun with the Kickstarter Report for September 2016.

Epic PvP Magic

Kickstarter Report: September 2016
Kickstarter Report: September 2016

Let's start with the Kickstarter project, which attentive readers of our articles should already be familiar with. The predecessor Epic PvP: Fantasy (to the review) is distributed in German by the publisher Pegasus Spiele and will soon attract belligerent fantasy fans to the arenas with the second expansion. The funding project for the offshoot is currently running on Kickstarter Epic PvP: Magic. This version also comes from Luke Peterschmidt, who was already responsible for the “first part”. Instead of using all kinds of iron goods such as axes and swords, the duelists use the magical variant to throw powerful spells around their ears. This is not a sensational reinvention, but the players like it: with 17 days left until the end of the campaign, over 720 players have already signaled their support and amassed around 40.000 US dollars. The planned financing target was set at 30.011 US dollars and has therefore already been exceeded. The $ 11 will safely go into coffee and donuts. Epic PvP: Magic is designed as a stand-alone game, so it can be played independently of the first variant. If you are in possession of Epic PvP: Fantasy you can combine both card games and thus create some wacky class-race combinations again: Hello Pixie Warriors!

Anyone who decides to support Luke Peterschmidt's campaign will get more of the content they already know. Included are the four new races Pixie, Satyr, Shard, Trolls and Djinn, which you can combine with the following new classes: Seer, Artificer, Shaman, Necromancer (not available in the retail box) and Pyromancer. By using the previous set, wonderfully crazy combinations can be played that go beyond the limits of what is imaginable. So if you have always wanted to walk on the quiet soles of a troll villain and swing the stump with deadly precision, now has the opportunity. With the rules, almost everything stays as it was. If you are in the mood for quick, uncomplicated duels in a classic fantasy role-playing setting, the card game is worth a look Epic PvP: Magic. You will receive more information here . Glorantha: The Gods War

War Titans: Invaders must die

Kickstarter Report: September 2016

Throw a good portion of Transformers and a portion of common tabletop regulations into a cauldron, add a pinch of the shooter Titanfall and you get: War Titans - Invaders must die. The cooperative board game from Crawling Chaos Games is already supported by over 170 mech fans. Almost 17.000 euros have so far flowed into the coffers of the Irish. There is a long way to go before the financing target of 55.000 euros - but there are still 29 days until the end of the Kickstarter campaign for this Mech Battle board game. Combat suits for soldiers are in the world of War Titans - Invaders must die long out of style. Real fighters slip into their personal combat robot. And because the world has to be protected from nasty aliens again, 2 to 4 players in the cooperative tabletop board game do just that: They put on a combat robot and let the aliens taste steel. Hardly any other topic would be better suited to accommodate detailed figures in a board game. That the mech “Alpha Lead” is almost a 1: 1 implementation of the popular Optimus Prime is almost scary. The models presented go by names like “Demon-Gott K” or “Heaven Breaker” and already promise massive orgies of destruction in terms of sound. On the other hand, one is a little amazed at the names of the pilots. Where Jin-Kyong, ONE or Yoroi Kato are available as playable characters, it is difficult to think of the origins of the game in the historic city of Cork in Ireland. After all: Mechs and characters in anime style go well together. Each pilot draws on individual special skills, so that long-term motivation and variety should be provided. The combat robots themselves can be upgraded to further increase their effectiveness. The aim of the game is to fight back the alien invaders. This is achieved by closing the so-called rifts, i.e. the cracks that serve the opponents as a gateway to earth. War Titans - Invaders must die presents itself martially and relies on effective and above all numerous fights in which strategic elements are transferred to the playing field exclusively through the fighting itself. Fans of brands like Titanfall, Mechwarrior or Transformers should find this board game to be the perfect entertainment. You will get more information here .

The End is Nigh: A Pre-Apocalyptic Deduction Game

Kickstarter Report: September 2016

Since deductive logic has been back in trend in board games, Sherlock Holmes also likes to play a round. With the game The End is Nigh: A Pre-Apocalyptic Deduction Game the master detective would have had incredible fun. In contrast to many other board games that use deductive logic as a marketing gimmick, in this game by Mystic Ape Games the entire gameplay revolves around consistent logical conclusions. The initial situation arises from a famous psychological task: everyone is sitting in an overcrowded boat and places have to be cleared in order to survive. In the game The End is Nigh: A Pre-Apocalyptic Deduction Game a devastating asteroid is hurtling towards earth. The players have holed up in a bunker, but it is too crowded to ensure everyone's survival.

To make matters worse, there are cultists among the bunker inmates who have no good on their mind. The aim is to sort out the cultists and hand them over to their fate. Through logical inference, people are identified in rounds that you (supposedly) identified as cultists. To do this, 12 moves are played in which you question the survivors to find out more about them. The players decide who is banned by voting. The people with the most votes must leave the bunker at 6.00 a.m. and 12.00 noon. The exciting game idea promises entertainment for 3 to 6 players, ages 14 and up. In short rounds of 20 minutes, your logical thinking skills are challenged in order to sort out the cultists and not innocent civilians based on the character information. 413 supporters who have already raised over 13.000 US dollars on Kickstarter think this idea sounds interesting. The financing target of only US $ 3.000 was thus far exceeded. Survival games are simply all the rage. More information about the The End is Nigh: A Pre-Apocalyptic Deduction Game over here .