New month, new Kickstarter projects in the field of board games. By now, the monthly Kickstarter reports should no longer come as a surprise to you. In August, too, many game developers published their concepts as a kickstart campaign in order to win supporters for their cause as part of crowdfunding. This month, the crowdfunding games featured are going to be awesome, pretty epic, and a little bit crazy all at the same time. The latter is always said to alchemists, especially when they are looking for a resuscitation potion.   

Have fun with the Kickstarter Report for August 2016.

EPIC DICE Tower Defense - Less trolling, more dice

Kickstarter Report: August 2016

It's going to be epic again After the card game Epic PvP from Pegasus Spiele, everything now revolves around a related name from the USA: EPIC DICE Tower Defense.

Tower defense games are real fun bombs on PCs and consoles. Thanks to Kickstarter, parlor players will probably soon be able to experience a real tower defense concept as an analogue game variant. The campaign was initiated by Potluck Games. The fact that tower defense games still have to be popular can be seen when looking at the current financing status on the Kickstarter platform. Although the campaign is still available for a full 24 days as of today, almost 600 fans have already indicated their support and have invested around 38.000 US dollars in the game idea. The targeted, and quite realistically chosen, financing target of 60.000 US dollars should therefore be achieved in the next few days. The fact that the inventors of the dice game are very optimistic about the success of the financing is shown by the published stretch goals, which reach up to a sum of 120.000 US dollars. EPIC DICE Tower Defense is exactly what the name suggests: a tower defense game with dice. The highlight: all of the game components are displayed using different dice. Only four playmats and seven unit cards are a small exception. The instructions for the game are also traditionally printed on paper, so the rules of the game are at least so complex that they do not fit on a cube.

As with digital tower defense games, it's about building towers and tearing down opposing towers with the help of deceitful fantasy creatures. In the dice game EPIC DICE Tower Defense, goblins, zombies, orcs, trolls and a mighty dragon are available for this. In addition, the game comes with a round dice, magic spell dice with three different spells and four point dice. And as if 102 cubes weren't already enough, you can unlock additional unit cubes through the stretch goals with diligent support. The gameplay of EPIC DICE Tower Defense is just as simple as with the digital templates. First, the round dice is used to determine the order in which it is the players' turn. A turn always consists of two phases: a maintenance phase and the combat phase. With five gold per round you can build your towers, repair them or recruit new units to inflict severe damage on the walls of your opponents. It gets exciting in phase 2: the fight phase. Each player may send a maximum of two unit waves into battle against neighboring players. Depending on the strength of the opposing tower, units are either removed from the game (because they were simply defeated) or the tower is destroyed. Since the individual unit types have different strengths and weaknesses, a lot of tactical skill comes into play in phase two. If a unit has made its way past all of the opponent's towers, the dice are rolled for one victory point: If successful, the commanding player wins one point. The game ends with a total of eight victory points.

EPIC DICE Tower Defense sounds like a fun dice game that entertains 2 to 4 players for around 30 to 40 minutes. So if you want to provide a bit of variety on the board game shelf, it is best to find out more here  about this cool dice game from Potluck Games.   

Glorantha: The Gods War

Kickstarter Report: August 2016
Kickstarter Report: August 2016

Where mighty gods fight, it crashes violently. Fans love this and that's why they already have around $ 475.000 in the board game Glorantha: The Gods War invested by Sandy Petersen. Mind you, the funding goal was just $ 100.000. Starting today, there are ten more days left to reach one or the other stretch goal. I am almost certain that a few extra bills will be washed into Sandy Petersen's purse. Glorantha: The Gods War is a strategic board game with asymmetrical game elements. As is now common with this type of board game, also sets Glorantha: The Gods War on detailed miniatures that can be painted by the players if they wish. And because it's a board game in which gods play the leading roles, it's basically nothing other than the fate of the entire cosmos. Experienced role-players will have already noticed that the backstory is not a complete reinvention of Sandy Petersen, but that Greg Stafford's Glorantha universe has existed since 1975 and for the first time in the board game White Bear and Red Moon (also known as Dragon Pass) was used as the story template. Fans of epic miniature games should be at least as excited about this title as Zeus' muscular upper arm. 3 to 5 players, estimated at around 14 years of age, command different factions of the elements and reach heavenly spheres or the realms of chaos during a game. Sandy Petersen herself, compares Glorantha with the much better known Cthulhu universe and is therefore probably spot on. Both universes combine grandiose stories and unique designs with wonderful miniatures, unearthly powers and lots of epicness.

Glorantha: The Gods War will be a feast for all fans of fast, strategic board games, where optics and story content are not neglected. Here there is more information.  

NECTAR - A magical card game

Kickstarter Report August 2016

After the presentation of a pure dice game as well as a strategic board game, only one thing is missing: namely a card game. With NECTAR from Curious Lux we complete the fantastic mix. Although there are still 40 days left until the end of the Kickstarter campaign, the supporters of this parlor game have already invested over 7.000 US dollars. It is not far until the financing target of 8.500 US dollars, so that one can strongly assume that the game idea of ​​Curious Lux will actually be implemented. The worldwide delivery of the card game NECTAR is planned for December 2016. Backers don't have to wait long for their game. In the game box you will find instructions, lots of tokens, a game board and a scoreboard, and almost 60 playing cards, which you can use as alchemical ingredients.

At the beginning of the game, each of the 2 to 4 players receives six cards from hand, one of which is placed in the copper cauldron on the board. Then up to two cards can be placed on the play mat per turn. The connections between the copper kettles, which are linked to one another via different playing conditions (symbols), are of particular importance. If a row of cards fulfills all symbol conditions, all cards are removed from the row and placed on the discard pile. For this, the players are then credited with points on the scoreboard. You have to collect four matching ingredients or alchemical potencies with a value over 11. Additional flavor comes into play by placing tokens that can change the game situation in one fell swoop. This makes NECTAR a fast, tactical card game with a playing time of around half an hour per game. Ideal for several game rounds in one evening or as an entertaining filler. You will receive even more information about NECTAR here .